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mobile card kit

New to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, mobile card kit feature?

Share data from virtually any back-end to iOS and Android devices in a mobile-friendly format with this new feature in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. Download the SAP Mobile Cards client app to get started.

Share Data from Fiori Applications

Once configured, end users can select content from their SAP Fiori Launchpad to share the card deck on the device.  Select the content you want to add to the application on your Mobile Device, select Add to Mobile and you will see a successfully added Card that will send content to your mobile device.


SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services uses Apple's Push Notification Services (APNs), Google's Firebase Cloud messaging (FCM) to inform SAP Mobile Cards client that new content is available, as well as the client will fetch new content because of the APNs/FCM message.

iPhone Features

Use the iPhone Spotlight feature to search for cards that contain information you are looking for like contacts.

Use the iPhone Shake Gesture to detect a card with a timestamp, address, or both.  When you shake the device relevant cards within the location or within the day of the timestamp will be shown.

From the card deck, quickly call, text, email, locate or edit content using native iOS applications.


The offline capabilities of SAP Mobile Cards app let’s end users access information even without a network connection. Card content with the most up-to-date information that was available before going offline is stored in the card deck. While offline, end users can view both sides of each card and delete them.

Fiori Templates

System Administrators can define new card types, creating a card with the data they want to display, and make them available to end users who in turn, can publish the content to their respective SAP Mobile Cards applications on the device.


When content is sent that requires user input, such as approve or reject, allow for the end user to act on that content and submit back to the server.

Under the hood

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services acts as a gateway between the SAP Fiori front-end server and the mobile card kit feature by retrieving information from the server and making it available to SAP Mobile Cards app.

Summary matrix

Features Details
App Store Application
Download the SAP Mobile Cards application from the Apple Appstore or from Google Play, once installed registration only takes seconds and available cards will start showing up on the device for immediate access to content.
Push notification

Supports APNS for real time push notification.

Send content to your end users who will receive a notification and see the cardavailable in their application

Lifecycle management
Update your SAP Mobile Cards by changing the HTML and CSS, or creating new card types based on the provided data sources
Security & authentication
SAML, OAuth, X.509 certificates, SAP Secure Login Server, Basic Authentication (for development only), SSO and Identity Propagation to back-end services
Content in the card deck made available offline for use based.
Reporting Gain sophisticated insights into your mobile landscape
Native Features
Take advantage of Spotlight Search, Shake, Notifications, Native Application integration like email, contacts, location.
Integration Service support Consume OData and REST from SAP Cloud Platform, integration services directly from within SAP Mobile Cards
Sample OData service Use the sample OData service to validate your settings, create proof-of-concepts or just for learning purposes.

Try it now

Do you want to get content to your Mobile Device with no coding and ready to use out of the box. Get mobile card kit as part of the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. The developer edition is a free, perpetual license for you to use for evaluation and development purposes. Try it now!

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