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SAP IT Operations Analytics


SAP IT Operations Analytics Community

Analytics for IT and IT Operations. Join in the discussions with peers and experts and get insights and the latest information and thought leadership on the area of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA).

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Business Impact Analysis with SAP IT Operations Analytics

Discover how to perform Business Impact Analysis by watching this short video.

How To Setup Data Sources in SAP ITOA

SAP ITOA provides different integration technologies to ingest data from various sources. Discover how to set these up.

Ensure the security of your SAP ITOA software and data

Security is a priority – read the blog below or section 3 of the Admin Guide to ensure
you are secure.

Review the SAP ITOA Product Road Map

Explore the SAP ITOA roadmap and give us your feedback, suggestions, comments. Engage in discussions on the product’s future. 
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