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Digital Thinks

Join us for an intimate and interactive luncheon with Canadian business executives.

Digital Thinks is a multi-city Canadian luncheon series featuring thought leaders charting the course for the future of B2B commerce, human capital management, procurement and beyond.

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Be one of the first 100 people to participate in our survey and get the NY Times Best Seller Blockchain Revolution: How the technology behind bitcoin is changing money, business and the world, by Alex and Don Tapscott.

Digital Talks. Live Events!

Our Live Business Event Series aims to guide Canadian leaders to achieve success in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape. The series features thought leadership from industry experts across the country and serves as an opportunity to connect with professionals in various fields. Welcome to the Conversation!

Leonardo Live - Canada Represent!

The tipping point of innovation is coming to Chicago November 2-3! Visionary speakers. An agenda that caters to digital transformation for your business. Leading-edge technology in action.
- Enable the Internet of Things to connect products, assets, infrastructures, markets, and people
- Manage vast amounts of Big Data with distributed storage and computing and real-time insight discovery
- Use insights from your data to make smarter business decisions, solve business challenges, and train and deploy deep learning models with machine learning… all on the SAP Cloud Platform, enabled by design thinking services.

Digital Thinks

Digital Thinks is a multi-city Canadian luncheon series featuring thought leaders charting the course for the future of omni channel commerce, human capital management, procurement, and beyond.
Join us in a location near you with special guests and Canadian business executives and register today!

Ideation Centre White Papers

SAP Canada Ideation Centre’s mission is to help Canadian leaders of business, academia, government and non-government organizations develop a deeper understanding of the digital forces driving the economy today. We bring forward made-in-Canada fact-based arguments that challenge decision makers to think about the potential of organizational shifts that were not possible in the past. View all past presentations.

Banking on Blockchain

The Big Six banks in Canada saw operating costs increases by CAD $4.8B in 2015, further making the case for focusing on improving efficiency and automation. 

A Matchmaker for the Canadian Labour Market

Ideation Centre's Director, Lance Bialas, takes a dive into the UN's 8th Sustainable Development Goal: Decent work and economic growth. 

Digital Oil and Gas

Our 5-part whitepaper box set explores how the newest wave of digital technologies (Blockchain, the Industrial Internet of Things, Automation, and Machine Learning) support and enable structural cost reduction in the Oil & Gas industry.

The Future is Money

What if the world ran on new classes of digital currency that are inflation resistant, create price stability, discourage bubbles and deflationary spirals? What if they could protect citizen’s savings without reducing liquidity when they save rather than spend?


Canadian Perspectives on Digital Transformation

As digital and physical worlds continue to blur, what’s coming next? Business and IT leaders must understand and prepare for the impacts these disruptive trends will have on people, their businesses, and IT departments – and then determine how they can provide competitive advantage.

Digital Oil and Gas: A Point of View

Now is the time for Canadian oil and gas companies to embrace digital technology and rethink the way they are running their businesses to remain competitive within the global industry.

3D-printers it needs a new supply chain

3D printing will alter our working world, no doubt about it. Not only work, but supply chains as well. It wasn’t long ago that someone said, “companies don’t compete, supply chains do.”

Calgary the next Silicon Valley North? 

It looks like things are beginning to diversify somewhat – with tech in particular showing potential as Calgary’s next burgeoning industry.


Great Canadian Innovation. Global Scale.

Your Community of Practice

Smart Cities

Public Sector. Reimagined for a New Society.

To thrive in a climate of unprecedented innovation, Public Sector organizations must reimagine themselves as living systems. Learn to sense, respond, learn, adapt and predict constituent and business needs in the moment. Learn how SAP is working with the governments worldwide to reimagine business and produce the dramatic outcomes necessary to provide, protect and prosper in the new society.

Where do you stand? 

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Financial Services

Adapt to modern, digitalized business models and create a competitive edge for your company – with financial management and accounting software from SAP. Our on-premise and cloud solutions support FP&A, financial close processes, treasury and risk management, financial operations, and GRC. We can help all types of corporate finance executives run their businesses today, and prepare for change in the future.

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To thrive in a climate of unprecedented innovation, businesses must reimagine themselves as living systems. Retailers can sense, respond, learn, adapt, and predict customer and business needs in the moment with SAP’s transformational digital solutions. Now is the time to learn how SAP is working with retailers like you to reimagine business and produce the dramatic outcomes necessary for prosperity in a new economy.

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Utilities can sense, respond, learn, adapt and predict customer and stakeholder needs in the moment with SAP’s transformational digital solutions. Learn how SAP is working with utilities providers like you to reimagine products, services and delivery methods to produce the dramatic outcomes necessary for prosperity in a new economy.

How is your Digital Readiness?

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Learn about the Siemens Cloud for Industry – a market-leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform based on SAP HANA. The platform connects manufacturers to their assets in the field, helping them adopt new service-oriented business models.

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Oil & Gas

How are leading transportation companies transforming into truly global, digital enterprises? By deploying SAP S/4HANA. Find out how they’re using the digital business suite to run smart machines, embrace preventative maintenance, and more. 

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Thought Leadership Team

Lance Bialas

Cities, Defense, Healthcare & Government
SAP Canada Ideation Center Director

Behrad Bayanpour

High Tech. & Advanced Manufacturing

Matt Smith

 Oil & Gas

Kristen Cornell

Financial Services, Finance, Risk and Compliance

Fotini Costopoulos

Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

Catherine Tough


Sam Masri

National Vice President
Head of SAP Canada Industry Value Engineering

Ryley Kornelsen

Oil & Gas, Digital HR
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