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Our customers inspire us to do better every day

SAP customers are contributing to a sustainable world.

See how our customers are succeeding with sustainability solutions from SAP

By acting responsibly, our customers are helping the world achieve zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

Changing our planet and the steel industry

Discover how Salzgitter AG is using sustainability solutions from SAP to reduce its carbon footprint and enable sustainable change in the steel industry.

Supporting sustainable fishing in local communities

See how Royal Greenland makes fishing faster and simpler by digitalizing catch reporting processes to support local fishermen and sustainable fishing.

Helping fans make more sustainable choices

Explore how Coldplay created the Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour app to provide fans with insight into the planetary impact of their travel to and from the show.

Enabling a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce

Learn how the NBA is helping ensure a sustainable future by finding and training the right talent and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion business-wide.

Building a more equitable and inclusive society

Find out how Unilever continues to pioneer a positive impact in its industry and beyond through sustainability metrics and new innovations.

Creating a healthier future for people and the world

Discover how Colgate is reimagining a healthier future and working to reduce its environmental footprint by enabling users to access data up and down its value chain.

Reducing hockey's environmental impact

Together, SAP and the NHL have developed a new sustainability platform to help the League collect, process, and report on key environmental metrics, to reduce its carbon footprint.

Innovating for a sustainable world

Learn how Allbirds transformed into an intelligent enterprise, helping the company grow rapidly while reducing its carbon footprint and improving sustainability. 

Working toward net-zero emissions

See how Hitachi is driving its sustainable transformation – decarbonizing its business and entire value chain while delivering renewable energy to the world.

Understanding the human elements of sustainability

Explore how Anglian Water is fostering a flourishing environment, reducing its environmental footprint, and making a difference in the communities it serves.

Using intelligent technologies to make shopping sustainable

Explore how COOP is using intelligent technologies to improve demand forecasting – reducing waste and making shopping more sustainable.

Creating positive change for the workforce

Consider how Chobani is using human experience management (HXM) solutions to provide a robust experience across its entire employee lifecycle.

Cultivating strong supplier relationships

Learn how Mary Kay aims to achieve excellence in its business operations and meet sustainability and social impact goals by ensuring alignment with suppliers.

Increasing workplace safety and improving productivity

Discover how Ternium Brazil is making health, safety, and sustainability a hallmark of its operations with an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) model.

Deploying next-gen factory intelligence

Discover how Arpa created a future-ready factory that’s enabling product quality innovations and greener manufacturing processes. 

Informing consumers to make healthier choices

Explore how LIVEKINDLY is working toward making plant-forward living the new norm by using cloud technology and predictive analytics to transform operations.

Creating a foundation for sustainable growth

Find out how Greenskies Clean Energy is saving energy and cutting costs with a cloud foundation for clean energy procurement.

Enabling clean energy for a growing world

See how Vestas Wind Systems is meeting the world’s demand for clean energy by automating and simplifying procurement processes.

Partnering to automate quality control and reduce fruit loss

Learn how Dole is working with SAP S/4HANA partner Clarifruit to achieve zero fruit loss by 2025 by improving its quality control processes for fresh produce.

Collecting energy data to reduce consumption

See how Swiss Federal Railways collects, processes, and shares energy consumption data with train drivers to reduce energy usage.

Improving sustainability with supply chain trading partners

Learn how Group Nutresa is using SAP Business Network and SAP Ariba solutions to deliver efficiencies and generate more value across its spend categories while minimizing value leakage.

Reducing workload with transparent financial planning

Learn how Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB) is using SAP to gain transparency into its long-term investments in sustainable transportation, ensuring the City of Basel remains attractive in the future.

Optimizing operations for a greener world

Find out how GreenVolt uses partner managed cloud to help customer realize the power of technologies for process optimization, automation, and more on the path to a sustainable future.

Optimizing sales and operations with a unified IT environment

Learn how ZF Friedrichshafen (ZF) is partnering with SAP to optimize sales and operations planning in a unified system environment, helping the company operate more sustainably.

Improving community well-being, health, education,and more

See how City of Hamburg is taking the lead with SAP to support citizens in need with integrated solutions and AI technologies, positively impacting community well-being, health, education, inclusion, and urban regeneration.

Improving forecasting to operate more sustainably

Learn how DMK Group, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, is using SAP's data forecasting capabilities to optimize milk production and improve sustainability.

Building a future-ready workforce

Learn how the University of Toronto is running SAP SuccessFactors to identify both skill sets and talent gaps to target recruitment and training efforts.

Transforming into a workplace where every employee can thrive

See how Transport for London is using SAP SuccessFactors solutions to recognize and reward top talent and nurture employee growth throughout the employee lifecycle.

Easing tax compliance and green impact

Learn how Henkel is committed to leadership in plastics reduction and offering greener options for customers using SAP Responsible Design and Production.

Connecting women-owned small businesses with the world

See how WEConnect International is building a powerful, secure platform to achieve equitable supply chains that connect the world’s largest buyers with the best women-owned small businesses.

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