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IoT platform & data management for the Internet of Things

Excel in the networked economy – with our Internet of Things platform and data management services. Built on SAP HANA’s in-memory technology, our cloud IoT platform provides real-time event stream processing, data protection, and storage at the petabyte scale. Analyze sensor and machine-to-machine (M2M) data using advanced, predictive analytics. Monitor and manage remote IoT devices. And securely connect to the edge of your network.

Why SAP’s IoT platform and data management solutions?

Because our cloud IoT platform and services bring together processes, analytics, and data management into one intelligent architecture. They let you seamlessly manage network connectivity, process automation, IoT devices, messaging, and more – to help you react in real time and improve business outcomes.

Explore our IoT platform and data management solutions


SAP Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things
The SAP Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things can help you quickly develop, deploy, and manage your own IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.
IoT Foundation for SAP HANA
Take advantage of bundled IoT data management capabilities – including smart data streaming and remote synchronization, Hadoop integration, and more.
IoT Intelligence Edge Processing for SAP HANA
Deploy this set of services at the edge of your IoT hardware and software – to reduce bandwidth, aggregate data, perform complex analytic functions, and more.
Dynamic Edge Processing

Reduce the amount of IoT data that needs to be transmitted, as well as the associated costs. This IoT solution combines algorithms, syncing architecture, and customized database technology – so you can store and process data locally, and sync and transmit data securely and efficiently.

SAP Dynamic Edge Processing


Solution Extensions for IoT
Collect, transform, and transmit real-time IoT data from any device or machine, to anywhere. Connect sensor-based data, operations, and people to real-time intelligence – with SAP HANA and OSIsoft PI system integration.

Analyze and make sense of all your IoT Big Data – and make data-driven decisions on the fly – with real-time analytics software from SAP. With Internet of Things analytics technology, you can discover and share meaningful patterns, predict and improve outcomes, create smart “things” capable of taking intelligent action, and more.

Analytics solutions from SAP


Converting “things” into “outcomes”

The SAP Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things portfolio unlocks intelligence at the edge of your network. Leverage analytics and streaming data processing on raw sensor data, and integrate it with automated business processes at the core of your business – for unprecedented insights.  

The importance of client certificates in IoT

Identity authentication is just as important for sensors as it is for people. Client certificates are an important component of IoT security for machine-to-machine communication, but they must be implemented properly. Explore some of the key benefits, procedures, and impact.

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