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Services Procurement Solutions

Manage spend, match resources with needs, and improve process efficiency

Streamline vendor selection, sourcing negotiation, performance measurement, and invoicing with solutions for services procurement with the SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS). Simplify programs that involve statements of work, independent contractors, and outsourcing. Identify preferred vendors, control maverick spending, track schedules and deliverables, and leverage in-depth benchmark reporting.  

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Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Service Provider Sourcing

Provide bid/service requirements to multiple vendors, evaluate responses and select best vendor

The services module of the Fieldglass application automates the process of creating and managing Requests for Proposal (RFX) and Statements of Work (SOW). Organizations looking to gain control of services spend that is outside the scope of traditional contingent labor may leverage the Fieldglass RFX and SOW modules to automate and streamline processes like vendor selection, onboarding, time and deliverable tracking, and invoicing in accordance with corporate policies. Supplier responses may be evaluated with multiple supplier responses being accessible for review at once.

Service Provider Collaboration and Contracts

Collaborate with service provider in defining scope of work and contract terms

Solutions from Fieldglass, an SAP company, allow organizations to collaborate with services providers to negotiate the terms of Statement of Work (SOW) projects. The application allows companies to collaborate on the legal terms for standard regulatory governance policies and conditions, and clauses outlining the contractual language or agreement between buyers and suppliers.

Organizations using Fieldglass also have the ability to create templates that can include clauses, management events, fees and SOW workers. This gives a buyer the ability to include all the negotiated rates and roles for a supplier.

Service Management and Evaluation

Confirm service was provided at the negotiated terms and provide feedback

SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System allows buyers to provide feedback to suppliers upon completion of Statement of Work (SOW) projects and services. For all services contracts, scheduled or ad hoc events can be created at various times throughout the life of the contract where they buyer can provide feedback on how the supplier is doing. At the conclusion of the agreement, evaluations can be completed for suppliers based on predefined criteria.

Service Invoice and Approval Management

Deliverable approval and automatic invoice creation

Approval groups can be set up based on company procurement requirements. All approvals are captured within Fieldglass, are reportable and are visible in an audit trail. Once all approvals are completed, invoices are generated directly from Fieldglass. Invoices can be delivered via integration directly to a buyers Accounts Payable system for quick turnaround of payment.

The Fieldglass application allows Statement of Work (SOW) invoices to be created from completed schedules and events. Also, if SOW workers associated to the SOW, timesheets and expense sheets may also be invoiced. Typically, schedules, events and fees are auto-invoiced upon approval. Suppliers can mark schedules and events as complete and submit fees. Buyers will approve these items and they can be automatically invoiced. Workers can also submit timesheets and expense sheets, which could be auto-invoiced upon approval as well.



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