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Grid Data Processing and Analysis Solutions

Process and analyze big volumes of smart-grid data in real time

Meet the changing requirements of the utility industry and benefit from upcoming opportunities with smart-grid data processing and analysis. Take advantage of in-depth analysis of data, predictions, and processing of complex events. Combine data from a variety of sources into one platform – merging together information technology and operational technology – to better support processes such as predictive maintenance, renewable-energy integration, and outage handling.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of SAP software for grid data processing and analysis:

In-Memory Platform

Build next-generation applications with one in-memory application platform

Deliver modern applications for a digital economy using one in-memory platform that unites an in-memory database with application services, advanced data processing, integration functions, and deployment features. With our platform you can:

  • Create agile applications that deliver real-time results based on fresh transactional data
  • Run existing SAP applications faster with no manual effort
  • Use advanced analytics to gain deep insights that enhance your competitive advantage
Data Quality

Empower decision makers with trusted data quality 

Manage data quality issues across any domain or source for a single view of trustworthy data. With SAP software available on premise or in the cloud, you can:

  • Shrink response times in business processes and provide accurate and reliable information to decision makers
  • Leverage dashboards and scorecards to monitor data quality and analyze trends
  • Maximize the value of your data by standardizing, validating, enriching, and matching data to your specific business rules and requirements
Business Intelligence

Know the pulse of your business – anywhere and anytime – with our mobile analytics apps

Put the brilliance and power of information and action into your hands with mobile BI analytics solutions from SAP. By getting data the moment you need it and in the way you want to see it, you gain boundless insight, answers, and results – every time.

Geospatial Database

Manage, store, and query geographic, geometric, and other space-related data

Access, manipulate, and analyze spatial data in-memory with geospatial database solutions from SAP. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Make vast improvements in spatial data modeling, storage, analysis, and presentation
  • Leverage a multilayered spatial engine that supports spatial columns, spatial access methods, and spatial reference systems
  • Maintain both your business and spatial data in a common database
  • Use data-cleansing services to maximize the value of your geospatial data
Predictive Analytics

Anticipate and drive better business outcomes with predictive analytics

Take advantage of predictive analytics to confidently anticipate what comes next and guide better, more profitable, forward-looking decision making. Use our software to:

  • Detect the relevant signal from data - big or small
  • Reveal new or expanded business opportunities by incorporating predictive results into more applications and business processes

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Predictive Maintenance and Service

Eliminate unplanned asset downtime with predictive maintenance and service  

Improve the availability of your assets by using predictive maintenance and service capabilities and the Internet of Things to take early corrective actions early on. SAP solutions can help you:

  • Collect and analyze sensor data from physical assets to predict operational failure
  • Initiate preventive countermeasures that trigger service or maintenance orders
  • Optimize asset performance with a closed-loop maintenance and service process
  • Lower maintenance costs and improve service profitability

Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.


Reimagine the way you do business with SAP Digital Business Services

Businesses everywhere are transforming into digital enterprises – but it’s not always that easy. SAP Digital Business Services can help guide your transformation journey every step of the way, from strategy to technology implementation and beyond.

Our experts take a holistic approach, helping you identify and implement new processes and capabilities while ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly. We’ll work to make sure your SAP software delivers ongoing, unsurpassed value as you address the evolving demands of the digital economy. 

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