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Energy Portfolio Management Solutions

Advance affordable energy procurement in a volatile market

Procure energy in a structured, risk-minimized manner by using energy portfolio management solutions from SAP. Cover the entire energy and non-energy procurement process with time-series forecasts of customer demand. Support invoicing, planning, and data aggregation for nomination processes. Through differentiated, system-supported purchasing and automated, integrated processes, you can shrink procurement and operating costs.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our energy portfolio management solutions:

Integration to B2B Energy Sales

Book demands into demand portfolios with integration to B2B energy sales

Integrate the booking of demands with the quotation and contract processes of retail with SAP software. Help ensure that the most recent prices are offered to the customer by relying on each quotation priced in the software to trigger a price request for determination of the procurement costs. Answer this price request manually with the procurement agent or automatically through a defined workflow. See the deal as a contract document if the customer accepts the quotation.

Sales Planning for Residential Customers

Improve planning for nonprofiled customers to reduce energy price risks

Plan long-term energy use and automate calendar-based procurement for nonprofiled residential customers with SAP software. Using predefined load-profile simulations representing overall energy consumption for a specified period of time, you can generate tranche-based procurement calendars. By automatically procuring consumption quantities according to calendar entries before actual delivery, you can reduce the risk associated with rising energy prices.

Formula and Index-Based Price Calculation

Gain flexibility through formula- and indexed-based pricing

Manage price indexes and complex pricing formulas for use in energy markets such as gas and electricity with SAP software. Store indexes and formula definitions that different organizations can use to calculate prices over the entire sales and procurement lifecycle, and configure definitions to handle varying calendars, currencies, units of measure, and time periods. Formula- and indexed-based pricing offers organizations the flexibility to function in a price-dynamic energy market.

Portfolio Management

Support cost-efficient energy procurement in volatile energy markets

Execute energy procurement processes in a structured way that minimizes risk with SAP software. Manage complex processes involving new market players and roles to enable cost-efficient procurement in a diversified wholesale market. Use distinct, system-driven purchasing functions to reduce procurement costs, control risk, and lower operating costs. With structured procurement processes, you can leverage portfolio effects and balance demand with procurement in the portfolio hierarchy.

Structured Energy Procurement from Long Term to Short Term

Manage positions to capture long- and short-term procurement deals

Capture energy demand and energy procurement instances as separate deals with SAP software. Calculate the delta between demand and procurement as an open position; evaluate the position against key figures, including limited checks; and close open positions using various procurement strategies and splitting algorithms. Leverage standard trade products, OTC products, and intraday products to enable procurement with different counterparties and on different markets such as spot markets.

Back-Office Processes

Support back-office processes for efficient energy management

Balance and distribute energy costs, verify invoices, prepare bills, and run reports with SAP software. Import energy-balancing data relative to settlement units, and use various distribution keys to distribute energy-balancing costs over the energy portfolio hierarchy. Verify supplier invoices, create line items based on captured deals for use in billing and invoicing, and support detailed monitoring of deals and other activities through a variety of flexible reporting functions.


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