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Run a seamless rail freight and transport business

Keep your rail freight and cargo transport operations on track and on budget – with SAP software for rail companies, freight forwarders, and 3PL providers. Gain greater control over assets and railways, automate back-office processes – and use the latest technologies to improve freight management, railcar tracking, transportation logistics, and more. 

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Deliver profitable rail freight services

Find out how SAP software helps rail freight companies run better from quote to cash – with transport network integration, real-time performance visibility, and a 360° view of customers. 

higher capacity*

Organizations achieve 12% higher capacity utilization when their KPIs are automatically captured and analyzed. Want to benchmark yourself with peers?


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Precise rail transport service delivery

How are service-intensive rail cargo companies meeting demand for precise service delivery? By using SAP software to access timely and accurate information, integrate the entire order lifecycle, and gain a holistic view of customers. The result is fewer disputes. 

World-class rail asset management

Run your railway freight company profitably and sustainably. Our asset management software can help you maximize asset utilization, reduce asset turns, optimize maintenance resources, and effectively manage risk – leading to better service with minimal disruptions. 

Customer-focused sales and marketing 

Discover how top rail shipping companies are supporting mission-critical activities for sales and marketing and account management – with SAP. Our software makes the right customer information available to the right people to help improve customer-focused operational delivery. 


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Internet of Things: Transforming Supply Chain Management

Find out how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way companies run their supply chains – from transportation management to track and trace.

How Russian Railways Fast-Tracks Decision Making

Russian Railways moves passengers and freight across 11 time zones every day – which produces a lot of data. Here’s how they extract the signals from the noise. 

Meet SAP Partner HCL AXON, Systems Integration Guru

It’s not easy to manage logistics or meet just-in-time delivery mandates, but that’s what it takes to gain a competitive edge. Learn how SAP Partner HCL AXON can help. 


Reimagine the way you do business with SAP Digital Business Services

Businesses everywhere are transforming into digital enterprises – but it’s not always that easy. SAP Digital Business Services can help guide your transformation journey every step of the way, from strategy to technology implementation and beyond.

Our experts take a holistic approach, helping you identify and implement new processes and capabilities while ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly. We’ll work to make sure your SAP software delivers ongoing, unsurpassed value as you address the evolving demands of the digital economy. 

Get SAP training and education

Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. Our full suite of software training and education courses and certifications can help you maximize the power of your SAP solutions.

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