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Connected Health Solutions

Establish a connected health platform for precision medicine

Support next-generation precision medicine and prevention by using the robust connected health platform available from SAP:

  • Consolidate, cleanse, and perform real-time analysis of clinical and genomics data from various source systems on an open, secure platform
  • Get a holistic view across medical data stored in disconnected silos
  • Achieve faster time to value using a predefined, extensible data model
  • Optimize patient outcomes through precision medicine and prevention support

Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our foundation for health solutions:

Clinical Data Warehousing

Support a clinical data warehousing model that is flexible and extensible

Create a foundation for health throughout your organization with an agile clinical data warehousing model. SAP solutions can help you:

  • Simplify administrative tasks and operations that support clinical data
  • Ease customer- and partner-specific development
  • Gain insights into medical research discoveries and enhance healthcare content
  • Schedule and monitor data integration flows
  • Optimize the transformation and loading of data into the warehouse
Genomic Data Modeling

Broaden the scope of clinical data analysis through genomic data modeling

Capture genomic data for inclusion in clinical data analysis through genomic data modeling enabled by SAP software. You can:

  • Load genomic data from related documents and gene sequence files through the genomic pipeline into a flexible genomic model that links to the clinical data model
  • Use plug-ins to integrate different document formats, including VC, FASTA, and GFF3
  • Make the genomic data available through a browser integrated with medical research insights software from SAP
Ontology Data Modeling

Expand support for clinical analysis through ontology data modeling

Leverage ontology data for inclusion in clinical data analysis with ontology data modeling enabled by SAP software. You can:

  • Load ontology content from various external providers, such as the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, into a common data model
  • Offer code translation, categorization, and other ontology services for use in analysis processes
  • Access vocabulary value sets contained in the Clinical Quality Measures
Connected Health Platform Services

Simplify user and access management to services with a connected health platform

Establish solid services through a connected health platform from SAP. Our solutions provide a common platform that can help you gain these benefits:

  • Facilitate the onboarding of new organizations and departments with integrated user and access management
  • Centralize the orchestration of different integration flows, access to functions and applications, and log management and monitoring
Patient Cohort Management

Simplify patient cohort management to improve clinical research outcomes

Augment clinical research scenarios with health foundation software from SAP that supports patient cohort management. With our software, you can:

  • Build patient cohorts quickly and manage them efficiently based on analytical or other search scenarios
  • Reintegrate cohorts found in a search into analytical scenarios
  • Enable researchers to collaborate on patient cohorts and trigger tasks for execution
Unstructured Text Analysis

Improve the value of clinical information with unstructured text analysis

Use unstructured patient data to augment clinical information with software from SAP that supports unstructured text analysis. Our software enables you to:

  • Leverage natural-language processing functions based on linguistic, statistical, and machine-learning algorithms to model and structure information from textual sources
  • Extract clinical entities and facts from unstructured data, such as doctors' letters, for integration with structured data, such as clinical records

Turn Big Data into big opportunities with SAP Digital Business Services

The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to provide personalized, best-in-class patient care for less. New regulations and reimbursement models – as well as high patient expectations and more informed, digital healthcare consumers – mean that organizations need to adapt to stay at the forefront of your field. The good news is that you can overcome these challenges by harnessing Big Data and turning it into actionable, decision-ready information. That’s where SAP Digital Business Services comes in.

Our services can assess your current data management situation, show you what Big Data can do for your organization, and map out steps to get you there. We can help you develop a Big Data solution that’s tailored to your specific goals. And we can amplify the benefits of your solution with tools to ensure it is fully adopted, supported, and used to its maximum potential.  


Personalize healthcare delivery and improve outcomes using real-time, relevant data at the point of care

Optimize operational efficiency, billing and reimbursement, and compliance with Big Data management

Accelerate and simplify Big Data technology implementation with SAP’s exclusive best practices and experts


Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.

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