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Defense Replenishment and Planning Solutions

Plan and execute replenishment of consumables and equipment to establish combat readiness

Integrate and automate logistics and fulfillment across warehousing, transportation, and distribution processes with defense replenishment and planning solutions from SAP. You can collect and analyze demand signals to create and update plans in multilevel defense supply networks, and match the demands of agile forces with supplies quickly and accurately. And you can relocate troops and better manage storage, warehousing, and global inbound and outbound transportation.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our defense replenishment and planning solutions:

Defense Supply Planning and Execution

Match goods demands with supplies to establish combat readiness

Coordinate the goods demands of agile forces with supplies quickly, accurately, and transparently in a prioritized and multilevel defense supply network. Our software helps you:

  • Achieve high delivery performance
  • Establish the combat readiness of service members

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Defense Relocation Planning and Execution

Relocate troops for operations and exercises

Improve processes for relocating troops for operations or exercises quickly and efficiently. Our software lets you:

  • Plan and execute the movement of needed supplies
  • Achieve specific, flexible, and prioritized supply planning and execution

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Defense Inventory and Movement Management

Manage storage and warehousing with transportation in supply replenishment

Streamline processes for managing storage, warehousing, and global inbound and outbound transportation in supply replenishment. Our software can help you:

  • Increase accuracy
  • Gain better visibility
  • Improve performance

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Demand Planning

Integrate demand data for more accurate forecasts in operational planning

Improve demand planning accuracy by integrating data from multiple sources with continuous updates from the field. Our software enables you to:

  • Draw real-time data from salespeople, vendors, and personnel
  • Use statistical analysis and judgmental adjustments to turn your data into valuable information
  • Gain deeper insights for more accurate forecasts, tighter inventory control, and higher service levels

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