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Supply Planning Solutions

React to changing demand with greater flexibility by improving operational processes for supply planning

Satisfy planned and actual demand with the in-memory computing functionality of supply planning solutions from SAP. Through segmentation, you can match demand and supply with strategies for stock pooling, protection, and segregation among channels or physical product attributes. Plus, accurate calculations for replenishment and allocation help maximize product availability, reduce inventory costs, and automate the supply chain.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of SAP software for supply planning:

Material Requirements Planning (ERP)

Balance optimized services and minimized costs with material planning

Increase visibility into material requirements planning across the supply chain to monitor stock-outs and automatically create procurement proposals for purchasing and production. Our software helps you:

  • Guarantee material availability for procured and produced materials at the right time
  • Optimize costs by making proactive decisions in response to changing demand
  • Meet customer demand and help ensure high customer satisfaction
Matching Demand and Supply Segments

Supply customers with matching stock by using a flexible set of rules

Serve high-priority demand by matching demand and supply segments. With SAP software, you can:

  • Define a flexible rule set for segmentation
  • Optimize the assignment of supply to demand 
  • Help ensure the timely delivery of limited-availability products to meet high-priority demand
  • Protect stock for important customers – even if less important orders are placed earlier
Store Replenishment

Forecast store demand and automate inventory replenishment and optimization

Predict customer demand to facilitate store replenishment more accurately. With SAP software, you can:

  • Adjust automatically for trends, seasons, and events that affect demand 
  • Create accurate and timely purchase orders based on anticipated customer demand, current inventories, logistics, and costs
  • Optimize order quantities at the store level
  • Gain insight into upcoming demand to better forecast store orders in the future
Merchandise Allocation

Automate the allocation of store inventory

Plan, coordinate, and monitor merchandise allocation across your stores and those of your customers. SAP software helps you:

  • Implement allocation strategies and automate logistics processes for building inventories based on location-specific customer demand 
  • Increase productivity and improve the customer-shopping experience with streamlined inventory management processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary markdowns, reduce inventory carrying costs, and improve customer loyalty 

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Businesses everywhere are transforming into digital enterprises – but it’s not always that easy. SAP Digital Business Services can help guide your transformation journey every step of the way, from strategy to technology implementation and beyond.

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Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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