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Integrated Product Development and Compliance Solutions

Streamline development, improve quality, and reduce costs

Design, source, and manufacture products more effectively in the aerospace and defense industry with integrated product development and compliance solutions from SAP. Manage complex product structures – with improved visibility and control over compliance, purchasing, manufacturing, and service processes. Integrate engineering and manufacturing processes, and use a central product structure to reduce design flaws, control component costs, and streamline production.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our integrated product development and compliance solutions:

Asset Visualization

Reduce complexity, increase productivity, and improve decision making with 3D-enriched asset visualization processes  

Business information and processes are increasingly complex and not explainable fully with words and numbers. Our asset visualization solutions can help you:

  • Provide visual content – animated, 3D images – of accurate product and asset views and information to users
  • Simplify complex processes and details
  • Speed up comprehension and learning 

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Project and Portfolio Management

Develop new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions

Develop innovative products and services with a business value-driven approach. SAP software helps you:

  • Align product strategy and development, streamline development, manage production costs, and simplify operations
  • Respond faster to customer inquiries, collaborate with employees and partners, and coordinate resources throughout the project lifecycle and across business functions
  • Analyze performance to make better business decisions and optimize product innovation investments

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Design Orchestration

Collaborate across silos, integrate development, and get to market first

Develop new products quickly and go to market faster than your competitors. Use SAP software to:

  • Integrate product development processes across functional silos and locations
  • Collaborate effectively across functions, streamline the ramp-up process, and develop products that comply with regulations
  • Reduce costs and protect revenue margins with improved cost visibility – all while developing innovative products that preserve brand value

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Reimagine the way you do business with SAP Digital Business Services

Businesses everywhere are transforming into digital enterprises – but it’s not always that easy. SAP Digital Business Services can help guide your transformation journey every step of the way, from strategy to technology implementation and beyond.

Our experts take a holistic approach, helping you identify and implement new processes and capabilities while ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly. We’ll work to make sure your SAP software delivers ongoing, unsurpassed value as you address the evolving demands of the digital economy. 


Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

View product documentation

Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.

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