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Climate change solutions

Lower your environmental impact by minimizing the carbon footprint of your products and operations.

Take action on climate change by reducing your carbon footprint with SAP solutions

Minimize the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your products and operations along your value chain with embedded analytics and transactional capabilities, built to take climate action. Together, we can enable a future with zero emissions.

Design recyclable and sustainable products

  • Design products and packaging that are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable
  • Calculate environmental costs throughout the product lifecycle 
  • Simulate the impact of manufacturing on the environment

Manage and minimize your carbon footprint

  • Gain insights on the environmental impact of your products across the entire lifecycle
  • Minimize the carbon footprint of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures 
  • Simulate the CO2 footprint of your plan, from procurement and transport to production

Minimize emissions and energy consumption

  • Track, measure, and optimize CO2 and energy consumption across warehousing and transportation
  • Optimize routing to conserve energy and reduce miles and the carbon footprint 
  • Leverage 3D truck load planning to reduce the risk of traveling empty miles

Together with SAP, customers are
Chasing Zero emissions

Realizing business growth while leaving a small carbon footprint

Find out how Allbirds created one financial system of record for all transactions throughout its global operations and embraced new cloud technologies to become a more diverse, capable, and responsible global employer. With connected technologies across its operations, Allbirds can calculate and monitor its carbon footprint to deliver new products and services that delight customers everywhere.

We were really deliberate in making technology investments that would scale with our business. We needed to recognize how customers want to be served and offer an immersive cross-channel experience on mobile, Web, and in the store. To do this, we needed robust and connected real-time digital technologies, giving us visibility into our inventory.

Joey Zwillinger
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Allbirds

Image of Mercedes Benz EQ Formula Car
image of earth from space

Exploring the next normal

Learn how the automotive industry is looking to minimize its carbon footprint from Baratunde Thurston and Ian James, team principal of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team.

Watch the video (10:38)

Embedding sustainability comprehensively

Find out how you can transition to low-carbon business processes.

Watch the overview video

Solutions to minimize your carbon footprint and take action on climate change

Act responsibly on compliance and regulation requirements, manage your bottom line, and grow your top line sustainably.

Manage your carbon footprint

Gain insights on the environmental impacts of your products across the entire lifecycle.

  • Collect relevant and consistent data from SAP S/4HANA
  • Curate data with emission factors for specific categories
  • Calculate the product footprint across the product lifecycle phase
  • Monitor and analyze the calculated product footprint

Monitor and manage corporate emissions

Establish a robust and auditable collection of emissions data on a corporate level in order to monitor, manage, and report your company's GHG emissions.

  • Engage the workforce and identify and act on hazards
  • Improve EHS performance by incorporating risk management
  • Protect asset integrity and optimize production by reducing unplanned downtime and outages

Reduce computer-related carbon emissions

Minimize the carbon footprint of cloud infrastructures by automating specific routines in SAP and third-party software systems.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint through automated SAP solution scaling routines
  • Optimize scaling to support an infrastructure-on-demand IT cultural shift
  • Improve IaaS budget forecast and planning with embedded analytics

Achieve your business decarbonization objectives

Build, run, and manage electric vehicle charging networks with integration into end-to-end billing processes on one platform.

  • Allow smart charging across multiple power grid strings to optimize energy pricing
  • Gain full transparency of charging processes, energy costs, and power grid utilization
  • Reduce energy costs and conduct power grid-compliant charging 

Don’t miss out. Take action now.

Kick-start your sustainability strategy

Join the growing number of companies that are taking steps to achieve greater environmental sustainability. Don’t miss out. Let SAP help you start building sustainable and profitable practices into your company’s business operations.  

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Closing the green gap

How network effects impact corporate sustainability by Oxford Economics

Supporting and industry solutions to drive an impact on climate change

Transportation management

Reduce transportation complexity dramatically by integrating fleet and logistics management throughout your network.

Sustainable business travel

Build sustainability into your travel program to measure GHG Scope 3 emissions, and equip employees with tools to achieve sustainability goals.

Automotive value chain

Accelerate your customer engagement programs with cutting-edge cloud solutions for optimized self-service, digital engagement, and more.

Utilities value chain

Improve operational efficiency of energy generation throughout the utilities value chain by capturing, processing, and using high-availability, reliable metering data.

Thomas Saueressig
Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE
SAP launches SAP Product Footprint Management

Find out why Thomas Saueressig, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, says that sustainability goals are increasingly as important to business success as financial goals, and learn how SAP Product Footprint Management can help you reach your sustainability goals.

Gunther Rothermel
SVP, Head of SAP S/4HANA Sustainability, SAP
Turning environmental footprint calculations at scale into a regular habit

Learn how one key aspect of sustainability is the calculation and management of environmental footprints across the product portfolio, and explore how SAP solutions can help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

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