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Manage linear assets such as roads, rails, pipelines, and power lines with SAP Linear Asset Management software

Boost reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and safety of linear assets including roads, rails, pipelines, and electricity transmission lines – using linear asset management software from SAP. Focus on the specific needs of your industry – and integrate data and processes with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) application.

  • Improve operational performance and adherence to stringent safety standards
  • Gain tighter control over costs and improve reporting
  • Implement an effective maintenance strategy with improved planning and scheduling processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved information, communication, and collaboration

What's included

Asset Infrastructure Management

Manage network assets to optimize performance of the total system – while making sure that assets are available for operations.

  • Facilitate and connect day-to-day and big-picture asset management activities
  • Manage asset safety and performance across the infrastructure lifecycle
  • Involve all key stake holders in asset management across your organization
  • Evaluate operational status of assets more accurately
Asset Lifecycle Management

Deliver assets at safe, reliable levels while meeting customer needs. Improve infrastructure according to ongoing customer and compliance requirements.

  • Automate asset lifecycle management with real-time monitoring
  • Improve compliance and risk management processes for assets
  • Improve decision support and resource management
  • Meet customer requirements for responsiveness and satisfaction
Operations Management

Control network service quality. Schedule maintenance and dispatching. Manage emergency response and incidents. Schedule investigation and performance reporting.

  • Maintain overall asset network service quality at a high level
  • Manage emergency responses and incidents with full follow-up
  • Schedule and confirm investigation and performance reporting
  • Minimize impact of asset upkeep with scheduled maintenance
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