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Bridging the gap between academia and industry research

Research Framework

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We aim to advance knowledge in the field of database development with technology invention and transfer, including prototype implementation and evaluation.

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Fostering collaboration

Partnering with leading research institutes and universities, we recruit students, developers, and architects to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations.

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Supporting academia

We build and nurture the SAP HANA ecosystem by attending and presenting at conferences, hosting workshops, and publishing academic content in scientific journals.

Research Areas

Focus areas of the research include, but aren't limited to, the following topics.

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Query processing

Investigate adaptive query processing, vectorization, just-in-time query compilation, and domain-specific query processing.

Query optimization

Research various facets of query optimization, including robust query plans, data partitioning, and midterm query re-optimization.

Self-tuning database

Apply machine learning concepts to automate database-tuning operations, such as data partitioning and data-aging processes.


Analyze novel ideas for indexing data structures – from tree-like indexes to minimal ones – that span a wide spectrum of use cases.

Data storage

Explore various aspects of data storage, such as alternative storage layouts, new compression techniques, and replication.

Quality assurance

Increase product quality and reduce related costs by researching modern technical approaches with automatic test generation, test redundancy detection, and failure detection.

Modern Hardware

Improve database systems with novel hardware technologies such as new CPU features, GPUs, nonvolatile memory, and field-programmable gate arrays.

Distributed data management

Investigate data partitioning strategies, distributed database operators, and the use of high-speed networking hardware.

Transaction processing

Optimize transaction concurrency control techniques to decrease transaction latency and increase transaction throughput.
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