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Digital Commerce

Deliver profitable e-commerce on a scalable, enterprise-grade platform that gets you to market faster.

Evolve your business on a feature-rich and scalable e-commerce platform

Our proven e-commerce solutions can help you turn market uncertainty and evolving customer expectations into profitable growth. Transform enterprise-wide data into insights that fuel faster decisions and higher profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A digital commerce platform enables you to sell products, solutions, and services digitally – either through a typical online store or other digitally connected devices, such as mobile phones, wearables, connected cars, and IoT devices. It also allows you to include your physical stores in your digital commerce strategy, especially for omnichannel fulfillment scenarios, such as “buy online pick up in store” or “buy online return in store.”

A headless commerce platform decouples the front end or the storefront (aka the “head”) from all the back-end logic and processes of the platform. This results in more flexibility and agility, as you can work on updating your storefront without touching any of the core services running in the back. You also get a more modular approach to commerce, as core commerce capabilities are available as microservices and can be used independently of each other through API calls, even in scenarios where you don’t have a typical customer-facing storefront but want to feed different sales channels (aka “headless”).

SAP Commerce Cloud is our proven commerce solution built mainly for large enterprises with advanced B2B, B2C, and B2B2C use cases. You can customize the solution to meet your specific needs and manage even the most complex catalogs, products, and configurations for creating exceptional, hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences. The solution also comes with powerful and comprehensive B2B commerce capabilities.


SAP Upscale Commerce is our next-generation commerce solution designed for small and midsize organizations that want to launch direct-to-consumer channels. The pure software-as-a-solution (SaaS) solution uses a mobile-first approach to create exceptional commerce experiences in weeks. SAP Upscale Commerce includes innovative AI-based capabilities, such as intelligent widgets, mobigrams, and merchandising algorithms, that allow you to sell smarter at a low total cost of ownership.

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