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SAP Analytics Cloud for predictive analytics

Get instant, contextual predictive insights with our cloud predictive analytics tools. Part of SAP Analytics Cloud, the tools use guided machine learning and discovery to help all users run what-if analysis, forecasts, and predictive scoring on data big and small – quickly and easily.

Why SAP Analytics Cloud for predictive analytics?

Because our cloud-based predictive analytics work alongside the BI and planning tools in SAP Analytics Cloud – so you can discover, visualize, plan, and predict in context. Take advantage of lightning-fast SAP HANA in-memory technology and machine learning to uncover relevant predictive insights in real time.
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Use machine learning technology to find quick and meaningful predictive insights

Run what-if analysis and zero-in on key influencers for any business challenge
Spot outliers, perform forecasts, and score results – using any data, from any source

Product capabilities

Learn more about the predictive analytics capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud
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Guided machine discovery

Find out what’s influencing your KPIs using guided machine learning. Uncover hidden relationships and answer questions with intuitive charts and natural language.

Predictive forecasting

Perform predictive forecasting using visual guidance. Explore results by adjusting the confidence interval, and use hindcast to test the quality of your models.

Simulation modeling

Explore alternative business outcomes, scenarios, and plans with simulation modeling. Experiment to see how a particular KPI or dimension value will affect results. 

Intelligent groupings

Easily organize your data into logical groups that reflect how your business is organized. View insights by group – and compare or combine different groupings.

Smart predictive insights

Dive deeper into your predictive insights. Click on any data point to see a smart explanation – including what’s associated with it – and investigate it further.

R visualizations

Create R visualizations such as histograms, box and scatter plots, 3D graphs, and more. Easily interact with and share your R visualizations.

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