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Woman looking at business planning data on her tablet in a garden

Responsive Business Planning with SAP 

Stay ahead of change and seize new opportunities with a modernized planning and analysis experience.

Plan with confidence and take care of your people

Simulate possible business outcomes and identify critical business drivers quickly.


Identify hidden sources of savings, increase cash flows, and run complete human resources planning directly linked to your financial plans.


Provide integrated planning and analysis experiences that can help you adapt to changes and predict possible implications.


Increase confidence in your forecasts, discover key performance influencers automatically, and capture new growth opportunities.

Responsive Business Planning package

Learn about the Responsive Business Planning package powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and partner services.

Integrate with business systems

Discover areas for financial and workplace optimization and improvement with a modern planning solution.

Enable predictive planning

Align actions based on common insights by analyzing, forecasting, predicting, and reporting in one solution.

Stay ahead of change

Simulate multiple scenarios and identify top influencers for growth.

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