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Maximize the value of your SAP solution with advanced end-user training

Give your SAP end users the training they need – whenever and wherever they need it – with SAP Workforce Performance Builder. Easily create and deploy context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and e-learning materials.

  • Intuitively develop user help – as easily as recording a transaction
  • Quickly create single-source recordings that can be distributed to your workforce in various formats
  • Modify outputs to include additional text, rich media, or any degree of custom formatting
  • Automatically re-create recordings with text and screens in multiple languages

SAP Workforce Performance Builder InfoCenter

The SAP Workforce Performance Builder Information Center is a central point of access for all knowledge materials — including product training, information and templates — required to develop, enrich and share high quality knowledge content.

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SAP Workforce Performance Builder, Enterprise Edition

Leverage integrated, scalable components designed for the advanced content and project management needs of large and multinational organizations.

  • Create, edit, and present documents and simulations with the Producer component
  • Intuitively configure context-sensitive user help
  • Use Instant Producer to easily create single-source documents
  • Manage projects, milestones, and performance reports with the Manager component
  • Order components separately or together, depending on your current needs
SAP Workforce Performance Builder, Desktop Edition
Add to the features of Producer and Instant Producer: Deploy standard-edition content as context-sensitive user help or copy it to a Web server for easy access.
SAP Workforce Performance Builder, Navigation Option Extension

Leverage extra context-sensitive help, designed for highly regulated organizations or companies involved in a change management project.

  • Deliver highly personalized context-sensitive help to specific users or groups
  • Convey information, surveys, or application-specific messages to your users
  • Suggest valid inputs for specific fields via text prompts

Closing the people and process gap

The disconnect among process excellence, technology uptake, and the changing workforce is building as is the need to meet requirements of a changing business regardless of industry or geography. One constant that must inform every company’s strategy: moving quickly to embrace advanced training and education is a critical success factor for all.

Use mobile learning to optimize

SAP Workforce Performance Builder gives you the power to create professionally formatted training and performance-support materials and deploy them to Internet-connected devices. Find out how it can help you create a highly interactive and engaging learning experience for staff and colleagues.

steute Schaltgeräte: Efficient engagement

Read how steute Schaltgeräte, a German manufacturer of sensors and switchgear, matched pace with advancing technology by introducing SAP Workforce Performance Builder. It reduced employee training time and cut costs for delivering localized training assets to keep its users onsite — and offsite, not only smart, but safe.


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