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What’s Included

Gain access to industry-leading tools designed to help you extract maximum returns from your SAP partnership, so you can run at your best.
SAP is committed to helping every customer become a best-run business – because it’s the best-run businesses that make the world run better. Our vision only becomes a reality with the help of companies like yours, which is why we provide an entire suite of tools designed to help you run and grow a successful SAP partnership. Web Site

When you become an SAP partner, you will gain access to, our dedicated partner Web site. is your window into SAP’s world.

Used by more than 252,000 users from our 18,000-strong partner ecosystem, this Web site is a business-critical tool that is an integral part of our users’ day-to-day routine. Built on a unified profile, serves up the personalized information and tools you need to manage, run, and grow your SAP business – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

Manage your partnership

Maximize the returns from your relationship with SAP.
  • Use a personalized dashboard to find information about your performance indicators, market development funds, required training, marketing activities, accomplishments, SAP Partner Finder profile, and assigned SAP contacts 
  • Maintain your profile, manage users, assign access privileges to SAP systems, conduct business planning, and register deals using our “Manage My Partnership” app 
  • Gain quick access to all partner-related processes from any device using the SAP PartnerEdge Launchpad site

Run your business

Find the information and tools you need each day.
  • Get in-depth product, solution, and industry information that is tailored for partners
  • Use powerful sales tools, including comparison charts, competitive information, incentives, objection handling, sales methodologies, and more
  • Discover a wide range of resources around pricing, ordering, deal registration, deal management, license key requests, and test and demo licenses
  • Access a comprehensive library of success stories that builds customer confidence in SAP solutions and provides the validation your prospects demand during decision-making

Grow your company

Expand your knowledge, pipeline, and business.
  • Access training tailored to your employees’ roles – from mandatory curriculums to help ensure your company meets the requirements of the SAP PartnerEdge program to elective courses that help elevate skills
  • Generate leads and boost pipeline with in-depth marketing tools, training, turnkey and full-service campaigns, logos, guidelines, blitz days, and a digital platform on which to execute campaigns
  • Explore new ways of working with SAP and connect with the SAP experts who’ll help you expand and diversify your business to unlock new revenue streams 

Building Your Skills

Your employees’ capabilities are key and we offer a broad training portfolio – delivered virtually or in-person – to help skill your staff.
Some sales, presales, solution consultant, marketing, and compliance training is a mandatory minimum requirement before we authorize your company to sell SAP solutions. Other elective training courses and certifications are an ideal way to further build and hone your skills. Here are just some of the ways you can access SAP’s wealth of education resources.

SAP Learning Hub

Get on-demand access to a wide range of digital content including courses, content simulations, guides, and more. This cloud-based platform provides instant access to sales, presales, consultant, and marketing training right from your desk.

SAP Learning Rooms

These collaborative and social learning rooms are a component within SAP Learning Hub. They make it easy for you to collaborate, share your knowledge, learn from your peers, and get answers to your questions from SAP experts.

Getting authorized to sell

You become authorized to sell SAP solutions when the required numbers of employees pass mandatory assessments for sales, presales, and customer engagement executive activities. In some cases, you will also need solution consultant certifications for the product groups your organization sells.

Becoming a marketing expert

Do you want to upskill your marketing tactics and strategy? Do you need to drive more demand, but don’t know how to do it? We offer a variety of virtual and in-person marketing training to help you accelerate your demand generation and grow your pipeline.
Our curriculums offer a blended approach of classroom training, workshops, and e-learning resources accessed from the SAP Learning Hub site. In addition to formal training, we offer an ongoing stream of supplementary sessions on topics such as social selling, maximizing your partnership, and strategic solution and go-to-market opportunities.

One-Click Benefits

Our partner benefits catalog is an online store for high-value services that help you grow your business, skill staff, or learn new ways to sell.
Many services in our partner benefits catalog are free as part of the SAP PartnerEdge program, some have a fee, and almost all can be paid for using market development funds (MDFs). Best of all, MDF payment through the catalog is automated and easy.

Get the services you need

Find services quickly across marketing, presales, sales, post-sales, and innovation topics. A comprehensive range of training, clinics, direct-download materials, and SAP-delivered and third-party services are just a click away.

Click, pay, play

Access numerous SAP-delivered services through “MDF Direct Pay”. A simple click triggers the fully-automated creation and approval of requests and claims, making the process fast and easy.
While many services are free, for those partners who don’t accrue, we make it quick and simple to purchase services using a credit card or standard invoice process. With new services added regularly, our partner benefits catalog is constantly evolving to meet your needs.

Virtual Marketing Agency

Get assistance with your marketing activities to generate demand, grow pipeline, and unlock new audiences and opportunities.
Looking for faster and more innovative ways to reach your customers and prospects? Keeping an ongoing conversation with your target audience and delivering consistent marketing messaging can be tricky. Constructing the right mix of media is a critical component of any successful marketing campaign. That’s where our free online demand management platform, the SAP Virtual Agency partner campaign creator, can help.

Do it yourself

Create, manage, and execute self-service marketing campaigns that are free, comprehensive, and professionally-crafted. You use our platform to run your campaign,  alleviating the burden on your resources and helping you get your message to market quickly with maximum effect.

Let us do it for you

Get help with lead generation, outbound tele-sales, and lead nurturing, reducing the in-house resources tied with demand generation activities. Our preferred marketing agencies can offer guaranteed outcomes, at price points to match your budget. In addition, you can use marketing development funds to pay for these services.   

Use content from our Web pages

Save time by getting up-to-date solution messaging straight from us using syndicated content from the SAP Web site. Simple copy-and-paste code automatically pulls in and maintains the latest solution content and assets into your Web site. 

Host an event

Create customized in-person or virtual events with tools to help you promote and manage registrations, and run your event. You can also use one of our pre-built “events-in-a-box” for a more turnkey solution with associated assets.

Understand your data better

Our “ContactAI” service offers insights into your prospect contact lists, enabling you to better understand the behaviors of the companies and contacts you’re targeting. We help you enrich and refine your data so you can see where your prospects are in their buying journey and accurately rank them in your lead process.

Become a marketing expert

Our knowledge center provides access to marketing enablement programs, tools, and services. This is complemented by our comprehensive and ongoing digital academy series, which delivers insights and tactics to drive pipeline and revenue.

Keep your marketing plans on track

Obtain a dashboard view into all your marketing activities, allowing you to plan, track results, and adapt your tactics to maximize returns. 

Digitizing Your Sales

We share our successful SME sales approach with our partners, providing a powerful suite of tools that help you develop leads and close deals.
Our digital sales motion suite provides tools and sales methodologies that help you identify new business opportunities, engage with customers effectively, and improve your sales and marketing performance. It’s time to take your sales tactics into the digital age!

SAP Virtual Studio

Turn remote sales sessions into remarkable customer experiences with SAP Virtual Studio tools. We combine software with state-of-the-art technology to demonstrate a comprehensive portfolio of SAP solutions and environments.

Video messages

Engage more effectively with sales prospects using video. With personalized and tailored messages, your salespeople can explain why they’d like to connect with prospects. This helps you stand out from the competition and get that much sought-after meeting.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Use marketing development funds to pay for licenses that enable you to harness the power of enterprise LinkedIn features that support your social-selling marketing plan. This can result in an increase in win rates of up to 5% and up to 35% larger deal sizes.

Digital health check

Evaluate your Web site and identify your digital readiness. You will receive a detailed assessment report and a 30-minute consulting call to review recommendations on how to improve your digital presence.
There are additional resources within our digital sales motion suite. These include our social-selling enablement program and online AI simulators from SkillGym to help sales teams hone their skills. In addition, you can apply for a dedicated digital demand agent who has full access to SAP digital tools, digital selling techniques, and solution specialists. 
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