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Industry Cloud

Drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth with innovative industry cloud solutions from SAP and partners.

Augment your intelligent enterprise with industry cloud solutions

Your business is unique. Together with our partners, we can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth through specialized applications that address specific industry needs. Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform as a service using SAP Business Technology Platform, these solutions work with your existing systems to extend the value of your investments.

SAP Industries Live - Webcast series

Join SAP Industries Live virtual event to explore SAP’s industry cloud.

What is industry cloud?

SAP’s industry cloud simplifies access to innovative vertical solutions across industries. Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, these solutions are interoperable with our intelligent suite, enabling you to drive business transformation profitably and sustainably, seize new opportunities, and manage business disruption and changes within your industry.

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Leverage modular, industry-specific solutions developed by SAP and our partners to deliver business innovation – not just technologies.


Simplify your IT landscape and the provisioning of high-value vertical solutions with open APIs, business services, data models, and process model​s.


Ensure interoperability with our intelligent suite and SAP Business Network​ to optimize and extend your core business processes.

Benefits for everyone

Core process transformation is needed more urgently than ever before to cope with the effects of rapidly changing market conditions. Agility in the end-to-end industry value chain is critical to your success. How can you benefit from industry cloud?

Business leaders

  • Ensure resilience, efficiency, and flexibility, while supporting strategic transformation
  • Choose from a wide selection of specialized, cutting-edge solutions that are easy to explore and consume
  • Enhance and extend business capabilities, while maintaining process integrity and compliance


  • Respond to changing business requirements, while minimizing integration and support costs
  • Enable continuous innovation, while protecting the security and integrity of business processes
  • Increase automation and support business transformation in a safe, controlled way

See the latest innovations from our partners

Find out how doing time management right can pay off for professional services companies. Discover how time-tracking platform from SAP partner Replicon Inc. can help companies harness time as a strategic asset.

Discover how p36 GmbH helps medical device manufacturers stay compliant with unique device identification (UDI) regulations and enables customers to keep pace with changing legislation.

Find out how the OMS+ Cross-channel Order Management Solution from SAP partner DataXstream LLC helps you improve customer experiences and simplify order fulfilment.

Find out how IBM harnessed SAP technology to create an industry cloud solution that enhances national security while saving taxpayers’ money. Hear how this SAP partner’s Cognitive Equipment Advisor improves maintenance planning and reduces costs.

Discover how SAP partner EY creates domain-specific solutions based on standardized SAP technology. See how EY’s industry cloud solutions address the challenges of individual business sectors while keeping custom code to a minimum.

Explore how Accenture helps customers get more out of their investment with SAP solutions. Learn how in-depth understanding of SAP software enables the SAP partner to develop industry cloud solutions that tackle top priorities across 39 sectors. 

Innovate your automotive business with an industry cloud solution from SAP partner proaxia automotive solutions ag. Discover how Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS) helps you streamline your existing business while enabling new business models.

Get insights into how EY minimizes time to value on projects for energy and utilities customers. Hear how this SAP partner combines preconfigured support for core processes in SAP software with specialized edge solutions to address key pain points. 

Plan, execute, and analyze the effectiveness of your go-to-market programs. Hear how Sales Solutions by Vistex help you price products and services, develop and execute incentive programs, and drive revenue.

Minimize waste and boost profits. Learn how a central system of record and AI insights provided by INTURN 360 – Excess Inventory Optimization can help you better manage slow-moving and excess inventory. 

Discover how industry-specific innovation at speed helps customers of SAP partner Capgemini stay agile. Find out how the company is working closely with SAP to codevelop industry cloud solutions for the manufacturing, retail, and automotive sectors. 

See how SAP and Deloitte are providing a road map of business outcomes, each with a discrete, industry-specific value proposition enabled.

Watch how SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale application by GK, an Industry cloud solution, provides consumers with frictionless shopping experiences while helping build customer loyalty. 

Explore how SAP Self-Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW helps utilities companies streamline operations and improve customer service. See how the tool simplifies your end-customer’s experience and provides in-depth digital insights. 

See how Visibility Operations Center from SAP partner project44 Inc. works with SAP Logistics Business Network to track around a billion packages each year. 

Deploy your equipment fleets at lower cost and with fewer headaches. Find out how by SAP partner BearingPoint Business Services B.V. helps you efficiently and cost-effectively manage machines, equipment, tools, consumables, and personnel. 


SAP Industries Live - Webcast series

Join SAP Industries Live virtual event to explore the latest technology trends, innovations and SAP’s industry cloud.

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