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Working with Time Series using Apache Zeppelin

By Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

SAP Vora in-memory engine enables efficient analyses of time series data in distributed environments


You will learn

You will learn how to process time series data using SAP Vora engine.

Step 1: Time Series processing

The SAP Vora time series engine enhances the in-memory engine by enabling time series data to be efficiently analyzed in distributed environments. It supports highly compressed time series storage and time series analysis algorithms that work directly on top of the compressed data.

Step 2: Running notebook 5_Time_Series

Select the 5_Time_Series notebook.

Start off by creating the required partition function and scheme, then follow by creating a table and loading time-series data.
Start time series

Continue with the paragraphs as below, doing simple time-series analysis, calculate the advance from a specific point in time.
Time series analysis

Next we determine the trend of sales over a time period, multi column analysis of Sales-Advertising and overall trend in sales and advertising.
More time series analysis

Next Steps

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