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Activity Stream and Notifications

The activity stream is a customized feed based on your personal interests. It's organized around three types of subscriptions – people, tags, and individual pieces of content (e.g., blog posts or questions). 

Your activity stream will automatically be populated with the specific content you choose to follow.

Note that the new community replaces the space concept with a more flexible solution based on tags. As a result, your previous space and content subscriptions won't be valid anymore. Your subscriptions to people, however, will be carried over.

Checking Your Activity Stream

Your activity stream will be your personal entry point into the community. The activity stream is easily accessible from the dropdown menu. Click on your avatar in the header area. Then click "Followed Activity."




If you have no subscriptions, you'll only see the activity you've generated. As you become more involved in the community, you can begin to follow people, tags, and content.

  • Following people: You can find and follow people by locating their profiles through search, or through their blogs posts, comments, and questions. Click on the name of the person you wish to follow and the system will lead you to the user's profile. Click "Follow." It's just as easy to unfollow by clicking "Unfollow."  If you follow someone, you will see the user’s activities, such as when he or she liked a piece of content or commented on it.



  • Following tags: There are multiple ways to start following tags. Find tags through questions and answers, blog posts, or by doing a search. Anywhere you see a tag that interests you, simply click it. You'll be routed to a tag roll page. Here, you can click "Follow." You can unfollow tags just as you unfollow people. In addition, you can navigate to the tag pages. Click the "Follow" button for tags that are relevant to you.


  • Following content: You can follow various types of content – for instance, blog posts and questions. Once you follow a type of content, you'll see all the updates related to it, such as new comments. You can also add your comments. In addition, you can like comments, discussions, and blog posts, and you can vote on questions and answers. 



Receiving Notifications

Notifications enable you to receive updates or information about items requiring your attention. For example, if you're a moderator, you'll receive a notification when a new blog post has arrived in your queue for review. You'll also receive notifications if you earn a badge through the gamification program, when another community member follows you, and so on.

Getting notifications is simple. Go into "Notifications" from the dropdown menu after clicking on your avatar in the header area. Or, if you're on the activity stream, you'll see a separate tab for notifications. Click on the tab and get your notifications there.

The number indicator above your avatar (in the header area) allows you to see if you have any new, unread notifications from any page on 




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