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Beta Feedback Recap

We’ve collected a tremendous amount of feedback throughout our Open Beta period. While we cannot implement every suggestion or request, we certainly do our best to prioritize those that have the most impact on providing the best possible user experience. You can still submit new ideas for how we can improve the SAP Community.

Submit New Ideas for SAP Community

Here is a quick recap of the open feedback requests from the Beta period, which ended on October 10, 2016 with the go live of the SAP Community.

If you'd like to see how we are implementing this feedback, please track the SAP Community Release Notes page within the SAP Community wiki. We update this page every two weeks to list the latest bug fixes and new features. If you log in to the wiki, you’ll have the option to “watch” the page — so you’ll receive notifications whenever we add new release notes.

Also, please be sure to visit the Known Issues & FAQs page for more information.


  • Universal experience across all applications (e.g. same buttons, same functionality, etc.)
  • Eliminate excess white space/increase information density on all pages
  • Add scrolling “back to top” button on all pages
  • Consistent, detailed time stamp formats
  • Open all links within the same window, rather than a new tab or window
  • Clickable author icons (link to profile)
  • Improve and unify messaging (error pages, etc.) across platforms


  • Add fuzzy search functionality
  • Add additional filters (e.g. filter by tag)
  • Display archived content in search results
  • Improve preview in search results
  • Add icons in search results to indicate content type and answered vs. unanswered questions
  • Improve pagination in search results


  • Add suggested tags to content creation pages
  • Show hierarchy of SAP-managed tags
  • Add ability to browse available tags
  • Make it easier to find tag pages
  • Add functionality for tag recommendations based on: frequently used, popular, recently used, or favorite tags
  • Add functionality for creating content from tag pages with pre-filled tags
  • Add additional info to tag pages, such as number of followers, number of open questions, overview information, and top users


  • Automatically populate title of the blog when linking within another blog post
  • Add personal blogs functionality
  • Add export blogs to PDF functionality
  • Prevent publication of duplicate content
  • Add ability to bookmark and categorize bookmarks in folders
  • Add “drag & drop” functionality
  • Display blog comments in reverse chronological order (show most recent first)
  • Make “Alert Moderator” more obvious
  • Separate community “Like” button from other social buttons
  • Add additional “comment” button to top of comments list
  • Add comment entry box, in addition to “Comment” button
  • Make it easier to add tags to blog posts/find the tag(s) I need to use
  • Allow embedded tweets
  • Remember user’s previous code style selection for “Insert Code” function
  • Allow users to see editorial comments on their own posts without having to enter the editor


  • Prompt for user to mark their question answered
  • See who “upvoted” your comment or answer, receive a notification
  • Prevent publication of duplicate content
  • Add ability to bookmark and categorize bookmarks in folders
  • Add “drag & drop” functionality
  • Limit number of characters in Answers title & show character limit
  • Make “Alert Moderator” more obvious
  • Add comment entry box, in addition to “Comment” button
  • Open attachments in a separate window
  • Add code snippet functionality to comments on Answers


  • Align People Profile and country selection on
  • Separate country and language selection in Profile
  • Remove case sensitivity of People Profile URLs
  • Add private view of profile, in which users can see their own info, such as blog posts pending moderation
  • "Member Since" date should reflect community membership


  • Quick view of gamification mission details & progress towards completion


  • Automated “mark as read” functionality for notifications
  • More prominent “mark as read” button
  • Clear all notifications with one click
  • Add email notifications from Activity Stream
  • Add ability to choose which notifications you’d like to receive and how (e.g. mobile vs. email)
  • Allow more customization in how the Activity Stream is displayed
  • Add ability to categorize people you follow
  • Add list of all content I’m following & “stop following” functionality in Activity Stream
  • Add ability to turn off notifications for minor edits to content (e.g. blog posts)
  • Add icons to indicate types of activity (e.g. comments, blog posts, questions answered, direct messages, etc.)


  • Add an app store for testing user-developed apps
  • Add spellcheck
  • Add polling functionality
  • Add RSS feed
  • Add emoticons
  • Add favicon to identify SAP Community pages


To submit new ideas for how we can improve the Community, please click here

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the success of our new home.

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