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Customer Snapshot: Overview

100% Elimination of IRS B notices

Transportation systems impact our lives every day from the roads and bridges we cross, to the signs we read, and construction reports we follow. The Colorado Department of Transportation ensures that Colorado has a safe and efficient highway system by building and maintaining interstate, US, and state highways. No small feat with that backdrop.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

US$1 billion

Number of Employees

Travel & Transportation

Denver, Colorado

Customer Website

Line of Business
Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Suite, SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)

Coordinating transportation across the state with such challenging terrain is not the only obstacle for the CDOT. Behind the scenes, mountains of paperwork pile up each year making accurate record-keeping and reporting the biggest challenge of all. CDOT realigned many business processes to fit best SAP® software. With new integrated SAP systems in place, today’s CDOT business decisions are based on accurate, consistent data delivered in real time across the organization. Automation is saving labor costs, avoiding errors, and helping CDOT Run Simple.

Customer Snapshot: History

So Much More than Highways


CDOT covers much more than just highways.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

The Road is Long & Hard to Navigate

CDOT conducts snow and ice operations, roadway maintenance and preservation, and construction management as their primary activities. However, CDOT provides much more with traffic monitoring, avalanche control, rock fall mitigation, transit development and grants, and traffic safety education for impaired driving, teen driving, distracted driving, work zone safety, seat belts and more.

The responsibilities of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are as diverse and challenging as the terrain of the state itself. In addition to maintaining a 23,000-mile latticework of highways, they plow snow from 6 million lanes of roadway each year, maintain 3,500 bridges, and monitor 278 avalanche paths. This is all done with systems in place for protecting the environment. Additionally, CDOT provides intelligent transportation systems for high-speed rail and aeronautics.

The State of Colorado has asked all agencies to make processes more efficient, effective, elegant, and transparent. We are now closer to achieving those goals.  — Patricia Saffo, Manager of the Planning and Budget Team, Office of Financial Management and Budget, CDOT

As taxpayers demand more information on how their money is used and what public benefit they receive in return, state agencies must make budgeting and planning processes more efficient and transparent. They must also be able to measure spending outcomes against specific performance goals.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Great Place to Work, A Great Place to Live

With 58% of their budget going towards maintaining their current system, it is essential that CDOT is both efficient and effective with their funds. CDOT is working to maximize their existing system and the Department will continue to analyze and implement more operational efficiencies as opportunities arise.

Consolidating processes brings the goal closer for everyone.

The Challenge


Ensuring a Smooth Journey for All

When your business is getting people from point A to point B faster and more efficiently, your behind-the scenes processes need to be streamlined, too.

Finding ways to bring more value to the state.

Enter SAP

Bringing Transportation Into the Modern Age

The goal was to continue to cover all transportation needs for the state of Colorado, while simultaneously bringing 7 disparate systems together into one agency. In addition to creating a more collaborative environment through this simplification effort, CDOT operations were looking to extract customer information, access real-time data, and view spend analysis. In order to succeed CDOT needed one comprehensive solution for facilitating critical transportation services. The department had to be able to respond rapidly to situations, provide real-time traveler information, offer transparent 24x7 status on bids, and more.

We took a very archaic system and streamlined it into one efficient process where we now have an end-to-end solution for procurement and contracts for the state of Colorado. We’re also now better able to interact with the vendor community, since they can submit their requests for proposals through one system.  — Robert Corman, Procurement Director, CDOT

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


No More Plowing Through Data

CDOT no longer has to tackle mountains of paperwork or plow through data across rocky terrain. Now that SAP is helping CDOT Run Simple, there are open roads and clear skies ahead.

Streamlining and helping CDOT Run Simple.

Better Business

Achieving Transparency with SAP

With the demand for transparency and need to optimize resource usage, today’s public sector organization requires an approach that goes far beyond spreadsheets and commercial planning software. The Colorado Department of Transportation has found a better way with SAP solutions.

Better Business: Benefits

Creating Trust Through Transparency

When information is out in the open it doesn’t just make decision-making easier, it also breeds trust—an especially important value for organizations in the Public Sector. Not only can CDOT employees smile about their new efficient processes and glowing results, they can now easily share accurate reports to their constituency and regulators.

$170 million

more in federal reimbursements annually

>$1.9 million

less costs in tied up storeroom inventory

70.7% more

project closures

97% better

annual inventory turnover

0% audit findings

by FHWA and the state of Colorado

From 0-90% approval rate

on electronic purchase orders

Better Business: Run Simple

Greener Pastures Ahead

CDOT isn’t just saving money with its new consolidated processes — it’s also saving paper. Those mountains of paperwork have all but disappeared with the implementation of SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and SAP Extended Procurement, public sector and regulated industries extension packages.

And with all of the important information available through one convenient centralized repository, the residents of Colorado can see everything they need to know about their account and their requests. They can even access real-time travel information!

We had such a complex system and now it’s so much easier. I’m no longer going home at night worrying about what’s going on in the office. — Robert Corman, Procurement Director, CDOT

Journey Ahead

Faster, Leaner and Greener

With SAP Public Budget Formulation there is now a single version of the truth for budgets. With robust planning tools to help budget analysts focus on decision support rather than on managing data from disparate sources, it helps to automate data analysis and eliminate the time-consuming process of collecting data.

From revenue forecasts and resource allocation to a statewide transportation improvement program and beyond, SAP helps CDOT plan ahead to run faster, leaner and greener now and in the distant future. And with SAP that future is looking very bright indeed!

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