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Customer Snapshot: Overview

For every 1 tree cut down, 3 new trees are planted


In India, the city of Pune wants to become greener and cleaner by increasing the number of urban trees

Pune Municipal Corporation

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Nyati Infosys

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Platform and Technology, Sustainability

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SAP Mobile Platform

Pune, India

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A mobile tree census application, developed on the SAP Mobile Platform, lets Pune capture data on every tree for exact detail of the city’s green cover. Better governance — transparent, efficient decision-making — is enabled by this application.

Customer Snapshot: History

Tradition, Modernity, and Care for the Future

As the sixth largest city in India (and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai), Pune has both a rich cultural history and a bright economic future. IT and manufacturing businesses find the city (and its many colleges and universities) attractive for business expansion.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Focusing on the Green

With rapid expansion, the threat of water and air pollution is a real risk to Pune and its citizens. That’s why the Pune Municipal Corporation has a mission to keep the city “green and clean” by increasing the city’s tree population.

While continuing to expand, the city is encouraging the growth of trees that can filter out common urban pollutants.

The Challenge


Tracking the Trees

During the process of rapid urbanization, many city trees were cut down, but there were no records kept. So Pune began asking corporations to replant 3 new trees for each one they cut down. To keep track of the city’s trees and their development, Pune needed a reliable and valid tree census.

Enter SAP

Focusing on the Right Things

After evaluating many possible solutions, Pune chose the SAP Mobile Platform because it helps them focus more on the domain than on programming.

Better Business

Making it Easier

Pune has seen good results, even better than projected. Since SAP is device agnostic, the application is being used across various smartphones and tablets, making data collection easier, faster and more reliable.

Better Business: Benefits


Turning a New Leaf

The mobile tree census application is easy to use and enables a paperless process that is more accurate with real-time updates. Supervisors can monitor the efficiency of employees in the field, and the mobile solution has allowed the city to complete eighty percent of the work on the tree census in shorter time than allocated.

Better Business: Run Simple

Becoming a Role Model

Since the mobile tree census application is capturing useful key information, the Pune Municipal Corporation submitted project details to the High Court. The court was so pleased, they are considering asking other cities to follow the same SAP model.

Journey Ahead


A Tree Grows in Pune

With the tree census now in use, the city of Pune is moving ahead with its “greener and cleaner” plans to increase the number of trees in its urban areas.

The city should be clean and green. That is my dream of a good city.
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