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Siemens Building Technologies, a division of Siemens Switzerland Ltd.

Customer Snapshot: Overview

Managing roughly 18 million square meters of offices and factories

What happens when two technology powerhouses join forces to better manage real estate assets around the globe? In a co-innovation project, Siemens Building Technologies and SAP developed the Building Performance Management Cockpit, which increases the visibility real estate managers have into their building portfolios, helping save energy, reduce costs, and improve performance.

Siemens Building Technologies, a division of Siemens Switzerland Ltd.

€5.75 billion

Number of Employees

Professional Services

Zug, Switzerland

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Line of Business
Manufacturing, Service

SAP Solutions
design thinking workshop for business innovation, UX design services from SAP

Customer Snapshot: History

A Long History as an Engineering Innovation Leader

Siemens AG has been bringing engineering innovation to our lives since 1847. From industry, to energy, healthcare, and infrastructure, technology from Siemens is an integral part of life as we know it. The Siemens Building Technologies division, founded in 1998, combines the company’s Control Products and Systems business unit and its Solution and Service Portfolio division, bringing safe, secure, and energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure to communities around the globe.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Keeping Buildings and Infrastructure Safe and Green

Siemens Building Technologies is a market leader in the development of solutions and services that make the buildings we live and work in, and the infrastructures that tie our lives together both safe for us and for the environment.
As trusted technology partner, consultant, service provider, system integrator, and product vendor for real estate contractors around the world, Siemens Building Technologies specializes in designing, installing and maintaining systems for fire safety and security, building automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and energy management solutions.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Building a Technology Network of End-to-End Real-Estate Management Solutions

The future of technology in the engineering and construction sector is in building automation. As a leader in the field, Siemens Building Technologies is an innovator of safety and energy-efficiency solutions. To help private and public sector organizations realize the full scope of secure, eco-friendly construction, the division also offers consulting services that are based on many years of experience collecting, visualizing, and evaluating building-related energy data.

Some of this data comes from technical building automation systems, which can mean partnering with other technology leaders to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end real estate management solutions that put every project on the cutting-edge of 21st building technology.

The Challenge

Saving Costs and Energy with Greener Building Management

Buildings use enormous amounts of electricity, water, and gas, and also require regular maintenance. This is especially true for large office buildings and building complexes. For public and private organizations, keeping track of multiple real estate assets – many of which may be in various cities or countries – can pose an enormous challenge, both in terms of costs and resources.
As two massive global enterprises, Siemens and SAP are no strangers to the challenges of managing an international real estate portfolio. So the two companies teamed up to find a way to more efficiently manage a building’s lifecycle, to cut costs, and to preserve valuable energy resources.

For an average building’s lifecycle, just 20% of the overall costs are spent on construction. 80% of costs are incurred for operations – 40% of which is spent on energy, and another 30% to 40% on maintenance.

Major corporate customers with extensive real estate portfolios have told us that simply collecting and evaluating energy consumption data is not enough to efficiently manage their building portfolios. They need significantly more data from different sources. – Dr. Johannes Milde, CEO, Siemens Building Technologies

Enter SAP

Teaming Up to Improve Building Performance

By joining forces, Siemens Building Technologies would be able to combine their expertise in building automation, including metering systems, with the power of SAP HANA, SAP’s high-speed, in-memory database and analytics platform. The idea was to connect infrastructure data with energy efficiency information to reduce the cost and effort required to manage real estate operations for larger sites. To make sure the solution would serve user needs, the team worked with their own building managers from Siemens Real Estate and SAP Global Facility Management. After all, what better place to test out a new solution idea than at home on their respective building operations teams?

The result: A new co-innovation project that would consolidate commercial data, energy-related data, and technical infrastructure data into one data set that could be holistically analyzed to improve every building’s operational performance.

SAP is a leading provider of such commercial systems, for instance enterprise resource planning software. In light of this, both companies complement each other perfectly to offer corporate customers, many of which are customers of both companies, an innovative and efficient solution. – Dr. Johannes Milde, CEO, Siemens Building Technologies

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Working with Users to Meet Role-Specific Needs

To find out just what facility and real estate management teams needed, the team from Siemens Building Technologies took part in a design thinking workshop for business innovation with the design and co-innovation team from SAP. During the two-day workshop, the teams discovered over 50 different roles in the respective building management groups. This enabled them to better understand the challenges of each role and create solution prototypes for the four roles that best represented the most pressing building management needs. These were CEO of real estate, real estate portfolio manager, sustainability and environment, health and safety manager, and head of location manager.

After carefully analyzing the workshop and research results, the team from SAP proposed the development of a generic real estate cockpit framework that could be adjusted to accommodate different roles. They built mock-ups specific to the needs of the four different roles and tested them with stakeholders from SAP Facility Management and Siemens Real Estate. The next iteration involved refining the cockpit concept and the visual design language based on the feedback of these potential users to produce a functional, user-friendly, technical pilot.

Better Business

Building a Performance Management Cockpit

By working together to better understand the roles and needs of their own building management teams, Siemens Building Technologies and SAP developed the Building Performance Management Cockpit. Not only would this new tool provide greater insight into building performance, it would also help managers make faster, more informed decisions on how to optimize building operations to extend a building’s lifecycle, save energy, and reduce costs. With predefined user profiles for all essential roles – from facilities manager to project manager to CFO – the tool displays key performance indicators (KPIs) in a clear and accessible format. Plus users can enter their own comments on a cockpit, create tasks, download data, and connect and share dashboards with others.

This kind of transparency is hard to achieve or is missing altogether for most companies. Working together, Siemens Building Technologies and SAP have made it a reality.

Before we started the project we talked to [Siemens] Real Estate Management, who were skeptical due to the massive amount of information and the underlying complexity. But if you extract meaningful data from underlying systems, you get a picture of what you actually need to manage buildings. Real Estate managers now have all the information they need in a much faster way, and many KPIs can be combined for easy access to all the relevant data. – Peter Marburger, Head of Sales Energy Efficiency, Siemens Building Technologies

Better Business: Benefits

Meeting User Needs to Solve Pressing Challenges

This co-innovation project between Siemens Building Technologies and SAP was a successful example of how teamwork and in-depth user collaboration supports stakeholder alignment to meet business needs. Working as one team helped bridge the gap between design, engineering, and the user experience.

By breaking down information barriers and data siloes, the Building Performance Management Cockpit provides multidimensional visibility into building performance. Now managers can instantly make decisions based on the most up-to-date data to minimize costs, save energy, and enhance sustainability.


a building's potential with transparency

Utilize data

with constant efficiency using an adaptable role-specific cockpit


all aspects of real estate management

Better Business: Run Simple

Development for Global Release

User feedback on the Building Performance Management Cockpit has been extremely positive. In terms of scope and depth, there is nothing comparable on the market. So much so, that the tool is currently undergoing development to be offered as a standard SAP application.

Journey Ahead

Preparing for a Deployment In-House

A deployment across SAP Global Facility Management and Siemens Real Estate is currently in the planning phases. Siemens will also offer a software platform as well as an application specially tailored to corporate clients.

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