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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Supporting more than 680,000 employees

In China, business is growing while available labor is shrinking. And for the first time, the number of working-age citizens has dropped, according to the National Bureau of Statistics in Beijing. That means companies like China Talent Group (CTG TMO) have an opportunity to help enterprises accomplish more, with less people, using human resource and business process outsourcing services powered by SAP.

China Talent Group (CTG TMO)

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Human Resources, Platform and Technology, Service

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SAP Afaria, SAP Business Process Outsourcing, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP SuccessFactors Learning, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Beijing, China

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Customer Snapshot: History

A Work in Progress

Since the beginning, CTG TMO has followed a philosophy of integrating human resource services with technology. The results are happier, more productive employees, and leaner, more profitable clients.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Outsourced Online or Offline

The China Talent Group (CTG TMO) provides business process and human resources outsourcing (HRO) to support more than 680,000 employees at 10,000 companies. Through their network in 300 cities across China, CTG TMO offers a comprehensive range of offline and online services, from providing labor resources to managing employee performance, payroll, and social benefits.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Leading an Industry Transformation

Research shows Chinese labor costs are increasing 15% to 20% annually, so businesses are seeking labor that is efficient, not just inexpensive. Viewing HRO as an industry transitioning to technology-supported services, CTC aims to reduce HR costs and improve customers‘ HR department efficiency by integrating professional services with the latest web and mobile solutions.

The Challenge

Creating Connections for the Next Level of HRO

China is the world’s largest market for mobile phones, and CTG TMO’s clients rely heavily on mobile devices for business-to-business communication, data collection, and interactive employee management. The company already has an established cloud infrastructure, but determined that they needed to develop a powerful foundation of cloud and mobile technology to realize the enterprise’s strategy for taking HRO management to the next level.

Enter SAP

Industry Expertise and Proven Technology

CTG TMO is the first SAP partner in China to offer clients SAP Business Process Outsourcing (SAP BPO) services using SAP applications. The HRO service system that SAP provides for CTG TMO includes two cloud service models. The first is the company‘s self-built private cloud, which is used to manage the enterprise’s core HR data resources. The second is a public HR service cloud built by SAP.

More Value for Our Clients. 


Some of the world’s largest HRO companies run on SAP. CTG TMO believes their successful implementations underscore the maturity of the SAP product set. Furthermore, SAP Success Factors and SAP BPO are HR industry-specific and include strong localization features. Since many of CTG TMO’s clients run on SAP, integration and communication with those customers will be simplified tremendously.  

Low Cost, Stable, Compatible, and Easy to Use.

Because mobile solutions are a priority, CTG TMO believes the SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Afaria provide an advantage through their mobile specialization. They will help simplify new application development, which benefits customers through advanced mobile features and multi-database management support.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Solutions to Support the Greater Vision

One of the centerpieces of CTG TMO’s SAP implementation is the ITAS system built on the SAP Mobile Platform. The system is a cloud-based management solution. The SAP Mobile Platform supports the development of a variety of mobile applications, and helps enterprises securely shift their data and business processes to devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs, and mobile PCs.

The ITAS system also uses SAP Afaria for mobile device management. Through one management console, enterprise leadership can manage employees’ mobile devices and operations directly. Employees can also optimize their mobile work environments according to their role and personal preferences. Furthermore, SAP Afaria can provide high level reports on activity and usage, which helps the user engage in data mining and visualization analysis.

Better Business

Successfully Merging Cloud and Mobile Technologies

CTG TMO has achieved their goal of uniting cloud and mobile technologies to improve human resource outsourcing. For example, the ITAS system leverages the usability and quick implementation of cloud platforms, allowing management at CTG TMO’s customer enterprises to control every aspect of business operations. Plus, ITAS helps customers realize visual management capability for all business processes using mobile technology.

Unique and attractive features in SAP SuccessFactors help employees engage the management of the entire enterprise by delivering an environment of self-management and active achievement of performance goals, which maximizes management efficiency.

14% Increase in Efficiency. 

Better Business: Benefits

Engaged, Effective Employees

At CTG TMO, the ITAS system has lowered labor and management costs by 9% while improving customer sales by nearly 5%. Sales employees at CTG TMO’s customer enterprises are optimizing their work time, employee attendance rates are improving, and training effectiveness has reached 100% at some locations. CTG TMO estimates that combining cloud and offline services improves efficiency by 14%, which translates to a 1% gain at the company’s bottom line.

The SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Afaria are also helping improve crisis response rates by enabling visual data transmission. They’re also doubling daily work completion rates, and boosting data submission accuracy by 8%.

Better Business: Run Simple

Attracting Premium Customers

Currently, CTG TMO is focusing on the success of highly competitive HRO like fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), sales, supervision, project management, and corporate marketing strategies. Mobility and flexibility are expected to attract premium customers, and CTG TMO is ready to help them succeed.

Systematic Application of Mobile and Cloud.

Journey Ahead

Innovative Visions

CTG TMO has a definite vision for continued innovation. Over the next three to five years, the company expects even greater use of cloud and mobile technologies. CTG has ambitious goals for revenue growth of up to 20%. Many experts see China’s workforce at a crossroads, so CTG TMO is turning to these technologies to create value-added talent development solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Chinese market.

Expect to Increase 20%.

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