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Customer Snapshot: Overview

8x Faster scenario pricing 12x Faster data upload Humans can break the sound barrier, move mountains, and reach the stars, but we still can’t control the weather. With today’s changing climate, it’s even harder to predict variations in temperature, rainfall levels, sunshine duration, wind speed, or any other combination of variables. Insurance companies and brokers rely on predictive data to assess the weather risk for energy providers, farmers, and agricultural cooperatives. That’s where Meteo Protect comes in.

Meteo Protect

~ €1 million

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Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Work & Prosperity, Run Live, Clean Planet & Climate Change

Paris, France

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Line of Business
Service, Finance

SAP Solutions
SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Startup Focus Program

Customer Snapshot: History

Fresh Eyes Look for New Ways To Assess Climate Variability

Meteo Protect partnered with SAP® Startup Focus, a program that helps startups build new applications on SAP HANA and accelerate market traction. Meteo Protect uses the SAP HANA® platform to aggregate over 80 billion weather-related data points from multiple sources.

Whatever the cause, climate change is a real force that requires a fresh look.

2016 Winner for the SAP HANA Innovation Award in the Digital Trailblazer category

2016 Winner of the Strategy Meets Action (SMA) ‘Insurers Award’

Enterprise Innovante des Pôles (awarded to tech SMEs with strong growth potential)

MeetInnov Prize (awarded by a jury of venture capitalists and Business Angels)

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Focus on Minimizing Risks of Climate Change

Meteo Protect, a French startup, offers customized index-based weather insurance to farmers and others. The company, which was initiated through SAP’s Start-up ventures, created an app that lets customers select their policy specifications, including geo-location, coverage period, and weather parameters, and uses the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform to aggregate weather-related data, analyze risks, and price and underwrite the policy – all in real time.

Customized insurance solutions deliver optimal risk protection for farmers.

The weather can cost two trillion dollars or 3.5% of world GDP. But small farmers can lose up to half of their revenue if the winter is too cold or too mild. – Gabriel Gross, Founder and CEO of Meteo Protect

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Minimizing the Impact of Weather on Agriculture

Meteo Protect is an insurance and reinsurance brokerage firm with the largest team in Europe dedicated exclusively to weather risk management. They provide coverage where weather has a direct impact on day-to-day operations and finances across several industries, including farming, tourism, utilities, and public sector.

The Challenge

Using Traditional Business Solutions for Cutting-Edge Innovations

Over the last 20 years, the frequency and intensity of weather-related claims has nearly doubled, yet traditional weather-related insurance policies have remained largely unchanged, posing a problem for agricultural businesses.


Meteo Protect is changing that by creating customized policies so specific that they address the weather risks posed in an individual farmer’s location. To achieve this level of accuracy, Meteo Protect relies on SAP HANA to upload data up to 12 times faster than traditional platforms allow. As a result, they can price scenarios and policies eight times faster, which keeps operation costs low while optimizing the customer experience.

SAP HANA fit all of Meteo Protect’s needs.

Enter SAP

Even Weather Can Translate to Big Data

When you think of Big Data, you most often think of people, products, and numbers, but when you’re dealing with the massive variability created by nature, you have an infinite supply of data points that can be codified. Meteo Protect was impressed with SAP’s ability to make sense of large volumes of data, and saw the potential for a great new way to utilize the power of SAP HANA.

The Meteo Protect team developed a platform called Vivaldi for providing weather risk management solutions. They created an app that lets customers state their policy specifications and then uses the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform to aggregate huge volumes of weather-related data from multiple sources, analyze risks, and present price quotes – all in real time.

The company quickly rose to the challenges they set out to conquer. In 2016, Meteo Protect’s innovative achievements were honored as an industry leader for offering customized, data-driven agricultural insurance for weather-related risks.


SAP Startup helps businesses with great ideas succeed through great execution.

We had to find a very scalable, powerful solution for our storage and analysis needs. We looked at SAP because 100% of our clients – insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, cooperatives, and corporate enterprises – use SAP software. We immediately saw that the SAP HANA platform had the ideal mix of performance, security, and ease of implementation and use. – Gabriel Gross, Founder and CEO, Meteo Protect

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Innovation and Recognition

Meteo Protect started out using SAP HANA on the premises, but quickly migrated their solutions to the cloud. The solution connects into many data sources including a 40-year climate history; current readings from satellites, sensors, gauges, and other global weather data sources; and other types of data, such as commodity prices and crop yields. Within a second, SAP HANA analyzes more than 80 billion quality-controlled weather data observations to determine risk and provide customers with the most cost-effective financial cover.

The firm has already produced over 50,000 models for 320 industry sectors, and as their customer base grows, so does their database. With each new client in a new geographical area, more valuable data is being captured using IoT technology.

Winner: 2016 SAP HANA Innovation Award Digital Trailblazer Category

Winner: 2016 Strategy Meets Action (SMA) 'Insurers Award'


They started using SAP HANA because of their clients. They stayed because of all it had to offer.

Going to the cloud has simplified operations so much for us that we no longer dedicate any personnel to IT resource management. All the complexities of database management – production, software, licenses, and so forth – are now being handled by SAP. We are saving a lot of time, money, and hassle, and we still get full performance. – Gabriel Gross, Founder and CEO of Meteo Protect

Better Business

Letting Clients Customize Parameters For Themselves

Meteo Protect has already signed up clients from a wide range of business sectors. Axereal, one of France’s largest grain cooperatives, now offers affordable, customized weather insurance from Meteo Protect to all 12,000 farmers in their membership. Using Vivaldi’s Web-based pricing and underwriting app, farmers themselves choose each parameter of their weather policy including geo-location, coverage period, and index variables such as weather risks, yields, prices, and production. Each client adjusts all parameters to support their individual risk profile and pricing preferences.

In the first three months Vivaldi produced over 4,000 price simulations and covered 10% of the active users. These farmers risk up to 30% of their annual revenue due to unfavorable weather conditions, and this risk is not adequately covered by other insurance schemes. As a result of being able to put in place Meteo Protect's hedging solutions, they can increase their investments and know they’ll be able to cover their staff salaries and fixed costs even in the face of prolonged unfavorable weather.


Concrete information, and peace of mind emerges from the complexity of billions of points of data.

SAP HANA is really the core of our infrastructure. We have cut processing time dramatically, and totally changed interaction times with our clients. To be able to inject all known history of weather into the system rapidly, and in a very secure way, has been a game changer for us. – Gabriel Gross, Founder and CEO of Meteo Protect

Better Business: Benefits


Speed and Reliability

With new systems in place, Meteo Protect was able to create a new type of insurance to meet the needs of farmers, tourism boards, utility companies, and others affected by climate change and adverse weather conditions. The company is now able to better predict future weather events to help even more customers protect their harvests and their profits.

Passionate and empowered for big challenges, Meteo Protect has already been contracted to provide insurance to several weather-sensitive businesses worldwide.

Small farmers get one paycheck a year, so when the weather affects a harvest, consequences can be devastating.

Almost 7:1 data compression rate with SAP HANA

Clients come to us of all sizes, from a diverse range of industry sectors and geographical areas. We have found that with SAP HANA, whenever we need to initiate a new service or create a new policy or a new insurance program, the commissioning is extremely fast and reliable. – Gabriel Gross, Founder and CEO of Meteo Protect

Better Business: Run Simple


Better Data

With SAP HANA, Meteo Protect found a system that is reliable and extremely fast, and helps continually analyze the individualized effects of climate change for each of their clients. Today Meteo Protect is running 100% on SAP HANA and tracking multiple data streams in real-time.

SAP HANA simplifies the process of analyzing vast quantities of weather data.

The ability to analyze data in real time empowers Meteo Protect’s customers to use their Vivaldi app to create their own customized analyses and figure out what works best for their business. With speed and reliability on their side, Meteo Protect can Run Simple and their clients can, too.


server to calculate algorithms



35 million

rows of data


models for 320 industry sectors

Journey Ahead

Growth and Expansion Made Simple

Climate change will continue to affect people in unpredictable and often profound ways. But at least some, such as the grain farmers of France, now have a significant measure of protection, thanks to Meteo Protect. As the company expands, Meteo Protect expands their knowledge base and, in turn, can expand what they have to offer clients moving forward. The company is looking to expand their IoT technology to capture more data and to deliver that information to farmers, utilities, distributors, and others who depend on weather for their livelihood.

Meteo Protect’s focus on the changing nature of weather risks and emphasis on the uncertain future is constantly expanding the possibilities for the personalization of insurance products and services throughout the industry and around the globe.

As our product line evolves, I believe we’ll be increasingly using tools from SAP in the process. – Gabriel Gross, Founder and CEO, Meteo Protect
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