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Customer Snapshot: Overview

35% annual revenue increases 2010-2013

Fundación Valle del Lili knew the key to improving hospital efficiencies without losing sight of patient care was in IT advancements. Having tried over 20 software solutions that were not well-integrated, they turned to SAP for a Run Simple approach. Since deploying the SAP® ERP & the SAP IS-H MED applications, the earlier integration problems have been eradicated completely, and revenue and patient satisfaction is continuously rising.

Fundación Valle del Lili

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SAP ERP, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP for Healthcare

Valle del Cuaca, Colombia

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Customer Snapshot: History

Organic Growth for Changing Times

Over the past 20 years, they have built a reputation of offering the best care and employing the most advanced technological resources.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


A Teaching Hospital

The Fundación Valle del Lili is a tertiary care university hospital aimed at providing health services that employ the most advanced medical resources available in Latin America. While lower costs and improving efficiencies for sustainability, they do so without losing sight of the human side of patient care.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Forerunner in Latin American Healthcare

The Fundación Valle del Lili works towards being the first institution to provide high-complexity healthcare in Colombia, together with social support programs, research, and education using a model of administration with service culture, safety, innovation, efficiency, profitability, and social responsibility approach.

The Challenge

Reducing Healthcare Costs While Increasing Quality of Care

One of the main challenges was sustainability. In an ever-changing health sector, the hospital needed to implement strategies to increase efficiencies to obtain goals without losing sight of the patient. The software systems they had employed were not sufficiently integrated to achieve this.

Enter SAP


Inline with Critical Objectives

SAP was chosen based on objective measures. Implementing SAP allowed them to empower not only the doctor but the entire staff to adopt strategies that positively impact inpatient safety and enabled them to increase revenue.

The healthcare-specific functions of the SAP® ERP application for managing human resources, fixed assets, financial materials, and electronic health records for patients were a major consideration. Additionally, the ability to interface with specialized medical applications, including nurse evaluation, blood bank, radiology, and endoscopy was a plus. Overall, SAP provided the best balance of functions and cost compared to other available solutions.

Better Business


Eradicating Poorly Integrated Systems

Collaborating with SAP enhances our patient-centered approach – we can go beyond managing illnesses to promoting wellness. In addition, we empower not only our internal staff but also doctors and patients in the community by providing access to data that lets them proactively manage healthcare. – Ludwig Albornoz, Clinical Physician and Atomic Pathologist, Fundación Valle del Lili

Better Business: Benefits


Frontline Patient Care, and Bottom-line Benefits Abound

Staff members now have instant mobile access to needed data, allowing them to focus their efforts on the patient and better manage available resources. The result is a better patient experience and a higher confidence in the care provided.

Patient confidence increases when they see the staff efficiently access information that facilitates the patient experience and safety, or use bar-code scans to verify device readings and medications. SAP software even generates alerts for prescription dosages and patient allergies, all while performing reliable billing for services, medications, and medical-device usage.

Better Business: Run Simple


Ubiquitous Presence Changes Everything

SAP has changed our history.

Journey Ahead

Heading to the Cloud

Future plans include extending SAP® ERP to the cloud to facilitate an exchange of information and strengthen relationships with patients and practitioners. The intent is to store input from patients and physicians in a single repository to enable timely information exchange with no redundancy.

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