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About SAP Canada

A subsidiary of SAP SE, SAP Canada is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Operating in the Canadian market since 1989, SAP Canada serves customers across the country, and has a significant research and development presence with labs located in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver. To learn about SAP SE, visit our Global Corporate Site. Available in:

The challenge

Wind turbines are often installed in remote areas under harsh conditions. Complex planning is done onsite and can change daily, based on weather and supplies. Plans are painstakingly drawn up on whiteboards or paper.


Communication can be challenging – and all this complexity is reflected in the cost of labor and crane rentals. Together, SAP and Vestas, a pioneer in wind energy and hybrid solutions, took up the challenge to streamline the process and reduce costs.

All together now

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When Vestas decided to create a digital planning application to streamline installation projects, the company naturally turned to long-time partner SAP. The solution? The OnePlan application, built on SAP Cloud Platform, using the software development kit for iOS. Supported by a reliable platform that fully integrates with other back-end SAP solutions, the app allows data to be shared in real time – getting everyone on the same page.


With the same information available to everyone – from construction managers to customers – Vestas can now streamline projects. Delivering faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective wind turbine installation, the company can get clean energy to the world more quickly.

Helping the world run better

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An inspired solution

The OnePlan application – created for Vestas using SAP cloud technology – gives workers in the field information they can count on, whether they’re connected or offline. With real-time data at their fingertips, everyone can work from one centralized plan.

A better outcome

Delivering projects on time – or even early – increases value for customers. Faster execution reduces both labor and crane rental costs, while improving cash flow and providing a competitive edge. Data gathered by the system also allows for comprehensive project planning analysis, paving the way for continuing improvement.

A better industry

While the wind turbine industry has matured rapidly, the market is poised for more growth. Cost reductions – and increased project execution speed – should make it easier for customers to choose wind power over less environmentally-friendly power sources, helping the industry thrive.

A better world

A clean fuel source, wind energy doesn’t pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels. Wind turbines do not produce emissions that cause acid rain, smog, or greenhouse gases – but provide energy that is healthier, both for people and the planet.

Reach higher with SAP

Inventing the next big thing? Reach your goals faster by building an application that meets your exact needs. With SAP Cloud Platform you can create personalized, mobile applications more quickly, easily, and economically – and start putting your great ideas into action.

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