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Rheem: Enhancing customer experiences with an integrated, cloud-based platform

Explore Rheem’s journey with SAP

From manufacturing through after-sales support, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. (Rheem) supports the end-to-end customer experience. To better serve all stakeholders, Rheem decided to enhance both its direct and indirect customer experiences by using SAP Customer Experience solutions to establish a single source of truth for customer interactions.



reduction in cost to serve.



uplift in revenue in one month through productivity and efficiency improvements in field service management.


delivery of reports that previously took seven days to prepare.

With SAP Customer Experience solutions, it’s taken only a short time for us to increase customer experience levels. We’ve also identified plenty of opportunities for further improvement in our customer experience journey.

Stephen Foley
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd.

The Challenge

Delivering optimal direct and indirect customer experiences

Manufacturing water heaters since 1939, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. (Rheem) provides products for millions of homes. The company sells its products through merchants, who then sell to installation plumbers and dealers, who then sell to product owners. In addition, the company offers after-sales support directly to plumbers and product owners. 


With many stakeholders involved in the customer journey, Rheem decided to enhance both its direct and indirect customer experiences. The company set out to provide accurate, real-time information at every stage in the sales, after-sales, and service cycles by establishing a single source of truth for its employees, merchants, dealers, installers, product owners, and after-sales service partners.

The Solution

Integrating customer experience solutions on a unified digital foundation

With multiple, disparate solutions used across sales processes that include a range of stakeholders, the service levels offered to Rheem’s customers often lacked consistency. To improve the customer experience, the company needed to establish a single source of truth for customer interactions.


Rheem turned to SAP Customer Experience solutions to integrate multiple customer experience management solutions on a single, unified digital foundation and implement rich functionality for e-commerce, customer data management, marketing, sales, and service.


With guidance and implementation expertise from DXC Technology, Rheem implemented the SAP Sales Cloud solution for both residential and commercial sales teams and the SAP Service Cloud solution for contact centers and product owners. In addition, it deployed the SAP Marketing Cloud solution for its B2B and B2C marketing teams and the SAP Commerce Cloud solution for merchants and dealers. 


Keeping its service technicians in mind, Rheem also implemented the SAP Field Service Management solution to automate scheduling and enable more-accurate tracking of field service activities.

The Result

Providing customers with consistent service and comprehensive answers

By consolidating information, control, and oversight into one place and automating processes, Rheem has improved customer service and achieved significant cost and time savings.


With a streamlined approach to customer experience management, Rheem provides comprehensive views of its sales and after-sales processes and enables its sales team to access and update information on any customer interaction in any location from their mobile devices. The company also empowers its service technicians to improve productivity and efficiency with digitalized, automated processes, which resulted in an 11% increase in revenue in just one month.


Meanwhile, improved field service management means that Rheem can now identify equipment locations, track product failures, and receive early warning of potential field issues. Furthermore, integration with the existing warranty system has helped the company save significant time and money.

SAP Customer Experience solutions and SAP Field Service Management have enabled Rheem to move from being a low-margin, unscheduled service business to become a high-margin, customer-centric scheduled service business.

Bruce Kemmis
National Manager, Commercial and Service
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd.

SAP helps Rheem run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Better informed responses to customer inquiries from the customer service team, with a single, real-time view of customer information
  • Ability for sales team members to access and update information on any customer interaction from any location using mobile devices
  • More accurate tracking of field service activities, thanks to the digitalization and automation of field service management processes
  • Time and cost savings, due to the elimination of manual reporting and administration workflows

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Customer Experience solutions support customer data, marketing, sales, service, and e-commerce processes to optimize the customer experience and grow the bottom line.
  • SAP Field Service Management helps improve first-time fix rates, resolve issues faster, and increase customer satisfaction through comprehensive field service management.

About Rheem

Since 1939, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. water heaters have been used in millions of homes. The company sells its products through merchants who sell to installation plumbers and dealers, who, in turn, sell to product owners. Rheem also offers after-sales support directly to plumbers and product owners.

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