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Maui Jim sunglasses with mirroring palm trees

Maui Jim: Aloha to better customer experiences with SAP Commerce Cloud

Explore Maui Jim’s journey with SAP

What do Jennifer Aniston, Barack Obama, and Ernie Els have in common? They’ve been wearing Maui Jim, the world’s largest independently owned sunglass brand. But you don’t need to be a celebrity or famous to experience Maui Jim’s customer service. Anyone can feel the “aloha spirit,” thanks to SAP Commerce Cloud.


countries with online transactions.


click to approve repairs, accelerating returns by days.



of sales are made from mobile devices.

Jim Ferolo
Vice President Chief Information Officer, Maui Jim Inc.

We’re leveraging SAP Commerce Cloud to support our growth, both by capturing more top-line sales and improving the customer experience.

The Challenge

Delivering authentic, one-to-one experiences online and at scale

It’s a long way between selling sunglasses on a beach in Maui and selling in countries all over the world. Through its dedication to innovation and to ensuring the very best possible customer experiences, Maui Jim has risen to the top tier of the fiercely competitive eyewear market.


Maui Jim strives to connect with every one of its customers, no matter who they are or where they live. To achieve this, the company needed a global online presence to deliver amazing user experiences that reflect the spirit of aloha – a way of living grounded on peace, unity, and kindness. The digital experience also needed to support the company’s omnichannel retail operations and expansion plans in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

To help ensure continued growth as a direct-to-consumer company and as a traditional wholesale manufacturer, Maui Jim relied on SAP Commerce Cloud to bring its e-commerce and customer experience vision to life.

Jim Ferolo
Vice President Chief Information Officer, Maui Jim Inc.


It’s really important to us that customers know we’ll take care of them forever. This includes providing a great experience during returns or repairs. SAP Commerce Cloud allows us to scale this promise and keep it authentic.

The Solution

Helping ensure the aloha spirit lives in every customer interaction

Maui Jim got what it wanted with SAP Commerce Cloud. Customers can now get the Maui Jim experience through any Web browser.

Customers across 150 countries can interact online through embedded support for multiple languages, currencies, and regulatory compliance. Customers can surf on their mobile device, buy with one click, and organize repairs quickly with a text message.

Maui Jim’s global operational processes have been simplified end to end with omnichannel support and functionality on one platform, including workflow-based order management, product content management, personalization, merchandising, and promotions.

Maui Jim also rolled out the SAP Commissions solution to replace its outdated sales commission software. Sales reps can see stock availability in real time on their mobile phones and place orders on the spot when they visit accounts. Plus, they can deliver compelling new incentive plans in under a week, without IT intervention, to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on business conditions.

The Result

Seeing the Maui Jim vision come to life with SAP Commerce Cloud

Maui Jim is looking at a bright future. The company has simplified its entire buying process and streamlined business processes. Productivity is higher across its 300-person sales team, which can focus more on maintaining strong relationships with retailers and partners instead of dealing with manual processes, such as data entry and paperwork.


Most importantly, customers are delighted, not only with the sunglasses they buy from Maui Jim’s online stores but with the smooth purchase and repair processes and the entire brand experience.


SAP Commerce Cloud is helping us stay true to our aloha spirit,” said Jim Ferolo, vice president and chief information officer of Maui Jim. “It allows us to refine interactions in our sales, returns, and repairs workflows, which makes things a little bit easier and smoother for our customers."

SAP helps Maui Jim run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

Maui Jim brought its e-commerce and customer experience vision to life with the end-to-end digital commerce processes enabled by SAP Commerce Cloud.

  • Customer-focused Web site that supports multiple languages, currencies, and regional regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined global e-commerce operations that can handle high data, traffic, and order volumes
  • Enhanced, intuitive buying process on any device with single-click purchase options
  • Built-in order management and fulfillment capabilities, enabling increased sales productivity and orders
  • Swift creation and management of sales incentive programs, without additional IT support

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Commerce Cloud enables you to deliver exceptional digital shopping and buying experiences, turning customers into fans with a modern, agile, and flexible solution.

About Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the world’s largest independently owned sunglass brand, producing premium and all-natural sunglasses that are 100% polarized.

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