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Thomas Hertz

Head of C/4 CORE at SAP Customer Experience

Software, technology, traveling, photography, and e-commerce have always been passions of mine. Looking back, little did I know that I would help turn a small technology start-up into one of the world’s leading enterprise commerce software platforms.

Thomas Hertz

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

I’ve accomplished a lot in my life to be proud of – I’m married to a beautiful wife, we have two lovely two-year-old twins, I love traveling, and I love photography. Through my travels, I became interested in still & video photography. Combining my love for technology and photography, I’ve even started using camera-equipped multicopters to help me do what I love most: capturing moments. Today, I’ve been to some amazing parts of our world capturing some truly spectacular moments. And these moments are what really resonate in my life. I’m thankful to have a career at SAP, which allows me to fulfill that love of technology creatively inside and outside of the office.

Software, technology, traveling, photography, and e-commerce have always been passions of mine. Looking back, little did I know that I would help turn a small technology start-up into one of the world’s leading enterprise commerce software platforms.

I was born in Kleve, Niederrhein, Germany – a small town of about 50,000 people near the Dutch border. I later moved to Munich to study Computer Science. During university, I, together with some friends, founded the start-up hybris software, where I had been working for nearly 15 years as a software & product architect, head of development, and finally as Senior Vice President of Products. Of course, at that time I certainly knew about SAP before, but it wasn’t until 2013 when I started to get in closer contact with them, when we decided to sell our company to SAP.

Therefore, my entry into SAP wasn’t your typical application process. We had brought hybris from a company of 10 people in 1999 to almost 1,000 and then part of an enterprise with almost 100,000 employees!

Despite that impressive number, SAP is very employee-friendly. In fact, it’s remarkable to experience how much such a big enterprise is doing for every single employee. You very rarely find this. The strong focus on diversity, equality, and giving early talents a chance is fantastic.

Here at SAP, I am now heading theC/4HANA portfolio from a technology perspective. Our team’s goal is to allow our product development teams, our partners, and our customers to focus on their strengths – building products that solve business problems. We are designing and developing, together with global Product & Innovation groups like the SAP Cloud Platform, the foundation for our C/4HANA suite.

What I love about my role is simply creating something that others LOVE. I like meeting customers and you recognize that they love your product and its features from the bottom of their heart. For me, it’s not about companies signing deals and transferring money; it’s about looking into peoples’ eyes and seeing they really appreciate what you do. I fundamentally believe that businesses decide which software products to go for because of the technology and how flexible that technology can be for their needs. Luckily, our developers love to work with our products. When I see their hearts are dedicated to the work they do at SAP, that passion is transformed into the technology we develop, and that wins deals!

Our organization that was once called SAP Hybris is now called SAP Customer Experience. And this is exactly how I would describe our success: creating a fantastic customer experience.

Looking back on it all, to be honest, the best moment in my career was when we made the decision to say “yes” to the acquisition offer from SAP. When we said “yes”, we said “yes” to the future that we are able to form now. It was one of the best decisions we made.

For the talent out there, that’s not part of company that is fortunate enough to go through an SAP acquisition like me, I would simply advise them: join the revolution! SAP is a fantastic place to work. We combine steadiness and stability with true innovation. SAP is infinite. The possibilities are huge and there is always “more”.

As I said in the beginning, my inner passion is about capturing moments. At SAP, I don’t need my camera for that because my whole career has been a series of living incredible moments. And when you join us, you’ll see yours will be too.

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