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Secondary Distribution and Fuels Retailing Solutions

Streamline sourcing, supplying, distribution, retail sales, and payment processes for refined fuel products to consumers

Automate processes for sourcing and supplying refined products from refineries and terminals to consumers with secondary distribution and fuels retailing software from SAP. Manage auto replenishment of tanks, use best-buy scenarios, and plan routes to dispatch trucks for deliveries to consumers and service stations. Monitor delivery gains and losses by haulers or your own fleet. Manage logistics at service stations and handle POS for fuels and settlement with payment-card issuing partners.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of SAP software for secondary distribution and fuels retailing:

Order Management and Logistics Automation

Automate order and logistics processes for refined products from terminals to the end consumer

Automate end-to-end processes for sourcing and supplying refined products and liquid petroleum gas from refineries and product terminals to end consumers with order management and logistics automation software from SAP. Improve order taking and collaborate with logistics execution, support credit-limit management for wholesale customers, use best-buy scenarios and handle collective orders. Monitor gains and losses for deliveries executed by hauler companies or your own truck fleet.

Demand Forecasting and Replenishment

Manage the auto replenishment of monitored tanks using temperature-based consumption forecasting on demand

Streamline the auto replenishment of monitored tanks for oil and gas based on degree days and individual consumption factors with demand forecasting and replenishment software from SAP. Manage stock at end consumer locations based on individual demand and consumption, and optimize replenishment cycles. Use available forecast methods to determine the next delivery dates for consumption-based forecast, temperature-based consumption forecast, and cyclic replenishment.

Truck Scheduling and Dispatch

Manage the delivery of bulk products and reduce TCO for your truck fleet

Provide interactive work places for truck dispatchers with geographical maps, using route optimization and truck compartment planning provided by truck scheduling and dispatch software from SAP. Maximize usage of your truck fleet through route optimization and instant calculation of driving time with our truck scheduling and dispatch solutions.

Continuous Station Replenishment

Optimize continuous replenishment supply of your service station network

Predict demand of fuel products at stations, based on statistical consumer behavior and known future events. Use our analytical software for continuous station replenishment, accessible from retail fuel networks:

  • Define minimum quantities needed and calculate expected stock-out time to determine the best time for replenishment
  • Calculate consumption using average sales volume of time segments such as hours per weekday
  • Use charts to monitor calculated consumption and planned refill cycle
Retail Fuel Operations

Manage fuel logistics and point-of-sale (POS) processes for service stations

Manage fuel sales processes and material movements for POS sales at service stations, and create dealer and clearing house settlements with retail fuel operations solutions from SAP for service stations. Provide a well-structured overview of service station network operations and documents such as dealer settlements and clearing house settlements for each station. Use a payment-card management solution to settle your own fleet cards included in our retail fuel operations software.


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