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Hydrocarbon Production Management Solutions

Manage hydrocarbon production through integrated production, maintenance, engineering, and planning

Gain a holistic view of assets and their performance by integrating production, maintenance, engineering, and planning using hydrocarbon production management solutions from SAP. Use this integration to improve and speed up operational decision making, increase deferment understanding, and improve production loss. Maximize asset utilization and enhance production planning with our software for hydrocarbon production management.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our hydrocarbon production management solutions:

Automated Data Collection and Validation

Streamline automated data collection and validation for smooth operations

Reorganize data to automatically collect and integrate field data into your enterprise resource planning system in real time, for real savings using SAP solutions. Improve data quality and control with monitoring capabilities that provide a central tool for viewing, validating, and editing automated captured data. Capitalize on added flexibility to help ensure validated and approved field data. Automate a work flow to facilitate transforming raw data into business information.

Mobile Data Collection and Validation

Enable real-time data capture, validation, and visibility anywhere

Give field technicians the mobile innovation needed to connect and interface with data in real time regardless of location. Offer users mobile capability to collect data, view data, receive alerts and work orders, monitor and validate critical job data, and issue status reports and field confirmations. Use mobile data collection and validation to drive more transparency and efficiency in operation and maintenance activities through speedy, accurate incoming and outgoing notifications.

Production Forecasting

Develop and analyze anticipated results of different production planning scenarios

Empower users with capabilities to perform forward-looking production planning. Create short- and medium-term production plans and monitor planned versus actual production. Flexibly incorporate decline curves, historical actual production, planned downtime, changes in network structures, and user-selected allocation rules into production planning scenarios. Provide a tool to compare multiple versions of a planning scenario using built-in analytics to evaluate planning-scenario results.

Production Allocation

Determine actual production through integrated production allocation

Satisfy operational and accounting needs to determine actual production with a flexible, integrated allocation solution from SAP. Simplify daily operational and monthly accounting processes with a unified hydrocarbon accounting platform. Fulfill high-frequency and monthly allocation requirements in a unified, consistent manner. Drive improved decisions for operations, planning, and financial accounting consistently for more accurate and flexible production planning and reconciliation.

Deferment and Opportunity Management

Capture and analyze production deferments

Gain increased insight into production loss through the capture and analysis of production deferment events using SAP software. Empower deferment analysts with a flexible user interface and data model that provides comprehensive capabilities for deferment management. Give hydrocarbon accountants and production operators a tool that captures data to provide the analytic insight needed to reduce production deferment and losses.

Performance Analysis

Grant instant, self-service access to decision-ready business intelligence

Empower your business users with anytime, anywhere access to key insights delivered in context – with a flexible business intelligence platform from SAP that helps enhance performance analysis. Increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, and support better decision making across your organization.


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