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Force Generation Solutions

Build forces with a capability-centric table of organization and equipment (TOE)

Create a capability-centric table of organization and equipment (TOE) for any mission with force generation solutions from SAP that offer a single, integrated platform for managing personnel, material, and financial data in a TOE. Use real-time information to quickly generate forces for any domestic, administrative, or wartime activity based on personnel, equipment, and budgets. Immediately switch between planning and execution, and identify and remediate shortfalls in a timely manner.

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Solution Capabilities

Learn about the capabilities of SAP software:

Basic Organization

Organize and manage the capabilities of various force structures

Optimize force-structure management with SAP software for basic organization. With support for TOE creation and management, our software enables you to:

  • Gain visibility into the capabilities of national defense, wartime, administrative, and home-base forces
  • Plan, create, and organize capability-centric force structures using a single, integrated platform
  • Leverage the skills, experiences, and availability of forces for better operational agility
Management and Development of Flexible Organizations

Create more flexible, agile organizations to better respond to public needs

Manage force structures for maximum agility with software for management and development of flexible organizations from SAP. With support for capability-centric TOE creation and automation, our software helps you:

  • Collect and analyze personnel, equipment, infrastructure, and financial data
  • Identify available force elements; link them to new structures; and create new force elements for national defense and wartime, administrative chain of command, and home-base activities
Planning of Personnel Staffing

Plan and manage personnel for improved operational agility

Support planning and personnel staffing in a more responsive and strategic manner. With support for capability-centric TOE creation and automation, SAP software helps you:

  • Plan and organize responses by analyzing personnel, equipment, infrastructure, and financial data
  • Gain complete, real-time visibility into capabilities and readiness
  • Provide faster, more strategic support for national defense and wartime, administrative, and home-base forces, for increased operational agility
Planning of Material and Equipment

Plan materials and equipment accurately for any mission

Deliver the right stocks and spares for any mission with software for planning of material and equipment from SAP. With support for planning and executing supply chain activities along a TOE, our software helps you:

  • Plan, assign, and manage materials based on secure, relevant, and actionable information
  • Forecast and create materials and equipment for delivery – when and where needed – by national defense, administrative, and home-base forces
Financial Planning and Real Estate Management

Automate financial data creation and distribution for accurate budgeting

Improve budgeting for force structures with financial planning and real estate management software from SAP. With support for TOE creation and automation, our software enables you to:

  • Create, control, and integrate financial and business information to support strategic and operational decision making
  • Make more accurate budgeting decisions with insights gained from real-time analytics
  • Enhance accounting transparency while maintaining security
Operational Readiness

Improve insight into operational readiness for fast, strategic deployments

Gain a holistic view of the forces and resources needed to support operations with software for operational readiness from SAP. Our software provides an integrated platform that can help you:

  • Organize, train, and equip forces better for joint and combined operations
  • Deploy available forces and resources in the most strategic way possible
  • Plan and execute missions quickly to support humanitarian, peacekeeping, and warfare engagements

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