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Protein Management Solutions

Achieve holistic coverage of your protein management and production processes.

Enjoy complete, consistent, and efficient business process support in the meat industry with protein management software from SAP. Combine catch weight and meat management strategies to master two units of measure, such as pieces and pounds. This provides a base unit of measure and a parallel unit you can carry independently across the supply chain. Simultaneously support the planning, breeding, rearing, slaughter, disassembly, and processing in protein-related business processes.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our protein management solutions:

Catch Weight Management

Carrying two independent units of measure across the supply chain

SAP software assists food processing companies that manage materials in two separate units of measure (that is, pieces and pounds) by providing a base unit of measure and a parallel unit of measure that can be carried independently across the supply chain. With this consistent, delineated data, a choice can be made as to which unit of measure (base or parallel) should be used to determine the valuation quantity – allowing for exact inventory management and valuation in both logistics area and accounting. This results in fewer reweighing efforts, less overstock, and more profitable information.

Protein Management

Core production planning for meat industry processes

SAP software together with Meat Management by Softproviding helps companies in the meat industry plan production across several steps of the meat value chain. Before the actual production process is started, the company can plan all production steps, calculate all product-related costs, and make final decisions. The software helps establish a homogeneous view on sales and production figures for faster, more streamlined planning processes. Disassembly and production orders can be created for each step of the meat value chain, which determines the number of animals to rear/breed, how many to slaughter, specific quantities of fresh meat to put away, and the parts that will be used for further processing. This results in higher-quality products and reduced revenue loss due to stock-outs.

Protein Breeding / Rearing

Greater insight into breeding and rearing covering all animal production steps

SAP software together with Meat Management by Softproviding helps meat processing companies get the most out of their breeding and rearing activities by determining the quantities of required materials based on breeding planning. Activities including feeding, vaccination, cleaning, weighing, and housing as well as unexpected deaths can be captured. Quantity and value movements from materials and animals during those processes can be quickly documented on production orders to determine the work in process for the animals along organizational units. With that data, deep cost and value insights of animal production are available, and plan and actual key performance indicators of the breeding and rearing process are visible per organizational unit including full tracking and tracing functionality.

Protein Slaughtering

A streamlined process from live animal to carcass

SAP software together with Meat Management by Softproviding helps reduce slaughter-related procurement costs by enabling paperless data collection and direct integration with financials. The software supports data collection in the livestock reception area to ensure accurate, reliable, and fast data handling through devices such as touchscreen, scanner, RFID, or manual/paper-based processes. All options of data recording along the slaughter line can be adjusted to reduce error rates. By taking all input and output materials into account, a deep, comprehensive view into slaughtering gains and losses is achieved, bringing simplicity and speed to the settlement process.

Protein Disassembly

Dividing animal carcasses into the desired parts

SAP software together with Meat Management by Softproviding supports a comprehensive view of disassembly gain and loss by taking all input and output materials into account, including visibility into material level as well as disassembly order level. The solution also handles all variances in the disassembly process with a powerful cut list. This element is the basis for preliminary and final costing, as well as the disassembly execution and balancing in the planning area. All information is allocated through label to the carcasses for reliable, consistent information transfer through different material processing steps. Workers can receive this information through mobile technology on the shop floor. This results in better collaboration and fewer time-consuming paper processes.

Protein Processing

Simplified handling of fresh materials (from meat cuts to sausages) with streamlined processes

SAP software together with Meat Management by Softproviding provides an overview of production orders to execute by breaking down the quantities of recipe components on tank sizes per production order and collecting all weighing data on the shop floor in individual weighing data records. Automatic postings through barcode and scanner reduce error rates and improve fulfillment rates. This approach can lead to maximum transparency in shop floor activities and data. Clearly defined data-capturing processes are the basis for improving inventory accuracy, reducing manufacturing costs, and ensuring reliable tracking and tracing aligned to compliance and risk management rules.


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