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Consulting Services for PLM, R&D and Engineering

Speed product innovation and gain new efficiencies – with consulting services for PLM and R&D solutions

Maximize the value of R&D and engineering solutions from SAP – and turn new ideas into viable products faster – with SAP implementation, optimization, and consulting services. Our consultants can help you eliminate IT complexity and streamline product development processes from idea to manufacturing. Develop an innovation road map, eliminate data silos – and take advantage proven best practices, rapid implementation, and prepackaged solution enhancements.

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Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and fast-track time to value for your PLM, R&D and engineering solutions – with our consulting, implementation, and optimization services.

Assessment Services

SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Assessment Service

Develop an innovation road map specific to your business objectives. Our consulting services assess your IT possibilities, benchmark your current practices, and create a value-based PLM implementation strategy and architecture.

  • Simplify and streamline your PLM solution architecture and processes
  • Map your requirements to current and future SAP capabilities
  • Build a transformation strategy and implementation plan that re-uses prepackaged services and lowers TCO
  • Understand and plan a state-of-the-art SAP solution architecture

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SAP Model Company for Product Lifecycle Management

The SAP Model Company can help you quickly deploy new SAP solutions for R&D and engineering. Accelerate prototyping, preparation, and exploration activities for a PLM solution that is ready-to-run and accessible over the cloud. Built on best practices, the SAP Model Company supports the latest SAP solutions – including SAP Engineering Control Center and SAP 3D Visual Enterprise.

  • Lower implementation costs and effort by re-using best practices and leveraging instant knowledge transfer
  • Minimize the risk of failure and improve value realization for your PLM project
  • Increase process efficiency by benchmarking your own practices against best practices

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Implementation Services

Implementation of SAP PLM for Discrete Manufacturing Industries rapid deployment solution
Start with a rapid-deployment solution and get baseline SAP PLM capabilities in weeks instead of months. Then gradually choose and optimize your implementation sequence. Go live with advanced capabilities for Product Structure Management, Change Management, Access Control and Collaboration, Status and Action Management, Analytics, and more – when you need them. 
SAP PLM for Process Manufacturing rapid-deployment solution

Deploy integrated PLM functionality for process manufacturing. Implement recipe development capabilities that support you in managing your product specifications and adopting detailed recipes company-wide. Ensure all regulations are met and enforced, gain insight with contextual analytics, and implement proactive safety and compliance management. 

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Implementation of SAP Portfolio and Project Management and SAP Innovation Management
Fast-track deployment for SAP Portfolio and Project Management and SAP Innovation Management – with our prepackaged implementation services. Let us help you tailor project management functionality to your needs, foster innovation and ideation, and quickly turn ideas into value-generating results.
Implementation of SAP Engineering Control Center
Integrate your authoring tools with SAP and streamline your document management with SAP Engineering Control Center. Leverage our starter packages to create a quick win and benefit from the special expertise from SAP and our solution partners to implement and optimize the seamless integration of SAP with your CAD and ECAD systems.
Implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Costing
Accelerate the implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Costing and build your quotes combining assumptions and estimates with data from ERP and other sources. Choose our prepackaged service offering and build your prototype in 4 weeks – or start a traditional implementation and combine service packages to meet your unique business needs. Benefit from our market leading experience and start the optimization of your quotation and cost calculation processes today.
Implementation of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise
Integrate 3D visualization and business data across your value chain. Quickstart with our rapid-deployment solution and unlock world-class visual communication tools across your enterprise.

Optimization and Enhancement Services

Access Control Management
Efficiently manage and secure access to your product data when collaborating with internal and external partners. SAP Access Control is fully integrated within the SAP PLM Web User Interface and the SAP CAD Desktop.
Product Structure Synchronization
Manage multiple product structures along the development and manufacturing value chain. SAP Product Structure Synchronization connects these structures – and can help you build a real end-to-end PLM process.
Document Management

Easily manage documents generated in SAP and non-SAP systems with SAP Document Management. Functions include powerful tools for accelerating document search, approvals, and more.

Get detailed information about functional extensions for document management

System Integration and Software Management
Seamlessly manage and integrate the different systems in your products – mechanics, electronics, software, and more – using SAP Product Data. Connect the authoring of each system with its representation in the solution to reduce complexity and deliver more robust products. This solution comes fully integrated with SAP PLM WUI and your software development landscape.
Product Compliance
Manage global product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle.  Enforce compliance at each step of the product lifecycle and get full transparency on substances contained in products and components. 

Can your R&D team compete?

Organizations that use documented criteria to build product road maps and evaluate, prioritize, and finalize product requirements report a 9.5% increase in the number of new products that meet revenue targets.* How does your company compare?
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