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Consulting Services for Big Data

Extract the maximum value from your Big Data and business analytics – faster than you thought possible

SAP’s Big Data services and consulting experts can help you transform your IT infrastructure and implement Big Data technologies that let you capture, store, and leverage data-driven insights in real time.

  • Use Design Thinking to find Big Data opportunities that align with your organizational priorities
  • Leverage advanced data science to uncover hidden signals that lead to competitive advantage
  • Design a detailed road map that helps you achieve your long-term vision for Big Data
  • Implement a Big Data platform and governance system using best practices
  • Run Big Data analytics applications that let you see the bigger picture and anticipate the future
  • Deploy your solution in the environment that best meets your needs: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid

Explore our services

Assessment Services

Start your Big Data journey with a workshop delivered by our Big Data experts. We’ll help you identify and prioritize potential business scenarios and gain a clear understanding of how your organization can use Big Data to maximize performance.

  • Assess your current level of Big Data readiness
  • Identify and prioritize potential business scenarios and use cases
  • Perform data discovery across all parts of your organization
Data Science Analysis Services

Leverage the expertise of our specialized team of data scientists to transform Big Data into actionable insight. Using mathematical models and algorithms, we’ll help you mine Big Data, forecast future outcomes, and optimize execution to get the best results.

  • Gain immediate competitive advantage by uncovering hidden signals in your data
  • Improve decision making in the moment by predicting and acting on Big Data insights
  • Increase profitability by visualizing the best options to meet your objective
Design and Architecture Services

Enlist SAP's Big Data assessment, advisory, and architecture services to help you establish the best Big Data infrastructure for your organization and create a deployment that will maximize your Big Data success – simply and efficiently.

  • Securely integrate emerging technologies with your existing investment
  • Expand your governance policies to include Big Data implications
  • Build a long-term strategy based on the expertise of professional data scientists


SAP HANA Platform Implementation Services

Accelerate time to value for your Big Data efforts with faster, more efficient execution. SAP can support your entire implementation of the SAP HANA platform for Big Data – covering databases, system landscape optimization, and data governance policies.

  • Leverage SAP’s rapid-deployment solutions to speed time to value
  • Harmonize system landscapes and data sources to improve efficiency and flexibility
  • Use data management best practices to integrate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data


Analytics and Applications Implementation Services

Kick-start your Big Data initiatives and achieve better results faster. We’ll help you implement advanced analytics solutions and strategies that will give you 360-degree insight into your business and a way to anticipate the future.

  • Define a strategy and implement an execution plan for Big Data analytics
  • Accelerate time to value of information analysis
  • Leverage new applications like fraud prevention, risk analysis, and asset monitoring
  • Integrate predictive analysis capabilities and state-of-the-art visualizations


Management and Optimization Services

Deploy, manage, and optimize your Big Data project in the way that makes the most sense for you: on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. We’ll give you the guidance you need to maintain your environment or manage the entire process for you.

  • Run your Big Data apps with maximum flexibility and minimal operating costs
  • Leverage expert knowledge and experience to achieve optimal efficiency
  • Introduce the new skills your organization will need to manage Big Data effectively
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