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Maximize sales with deeper and faster trade promotion planning

Plan highly-effective, highly-customized trade promotions – with SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning. This lightning-fast HANA powered solution can help you analyze massive volumes of promotion-related data in real time – to help accelerate your promotion planning process, uncover new promotion opportunities, and accurately track campaign spend.

  • Instantly test new scenarios for individual promotions and make adjustments on the fly
  • Closely track and analyze trade promotions to eliminate ineffective spending
  • Improve your relationships with retailers by tailoring promotions to the individual store level
  • Store promotion data on a granular day level and eliminate reporting inaccuracies from working with weekly aggregated data

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Real-Time Trade Promotion Planning

Reach more consumers with timely, relevant offers and compelling promotions, using SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning. Watch a short video to see how this HANA powered solution can help you plan more granular promotions – faster.

Quick Demo: See How It Works

Are you making the most of your trade promotion efforts? See how you can develop more effective trade promotions, improve budgeting accuracy, and uncover profitable new promotion opportunities with the SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning application.

Transform Your Big Data into Big Value

Discover how consumer product companies are managing and analyzing their big data at unprecedented speeds to develop insights, uncover new opportunities, and maximize their return on brand and promotion investments.
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