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API Management

What is API Management?

API management refers to the process of creating, publishing, and managing API connections between applications and systems across the enterprise. It allows organizations a scalable, unified platform to share and socialize their API configurations while controlling access, collecting and analyzing usage statistics, and enforcing associated security policies.

Why API Management

When a company goes through digital transformation, it starts creating an increasing number of APIs that need to be managed and secured. An API management platform provides a uniform and scalable way to register APIs, create security and access policies and track the feasibility of introducing new services.

Why API Management from SAP

SAP believes an efficient API Management strategy enables organizations to create simple, connected digital experiences for consumers, partners, and employees. They can expose processes and data as APIs through their complete end-to-end lifecycle to unlock new opportunities and business potential in the API economy.

  • Design your APIs based on open standards, including OData and the Open API specification
  • Develop your APIs by exposing and composing back-end interfaces from apps or middleware
  • Protect your APIs from security threats, manage traffic, and cache your data on the edge with more than 40 built-in policies
  • Monitor and analyze API usage, performance, and errors
  • Engage with application developers and monetize your digital assets through API portals

Innovate beyond boundaries

SAP API Management opens the doors to new business opportunities, revenue streams, and operating models.


  • Create Omni-channel experiences for customers, partners and employees (mobile, web, devices)
  • Simplify integration with various ecosystems (partners, suppliers, marketplaces etc.)
  • Expose data with external ecosystems to generate new revenue streams (Data-as-a-Service)
  • Gain deeper insights into customer behavior with information access from multiple systems and applications
  • Share and reuse API functionality to save time and money
  • Evaluate your integration maturity level across critical dimensions and discover the actions you can take to get to the next level

Discover API's from SAP

Prepackaged integrations, APIs, and apps

Explore prepackaged integrations, APIs, and sample apps provided by SAP and select partners. Review all available integration services and go deeper with our available missions, or start your journey by building an integration strategy with SAP experts.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

See how Vodafone took anAPI approach to connect their HR landscape and support key HR initiatives.

  • 75% Decrease in the number of point-to-point application connections
  • 60% Decrease in operational costs
  • 60% Reduction in implementation efforts

Learn how Heidelberg University Hospital is building the operating room of the future by leveraging the power of APIs.

50% Time Savings through transparency across hospital staff, including administrators

100% Improvement in therapy results by safer, more precise surgeries

Real-time Updates to patient care and procedures

Read how Uber Freight took an innovative API-first approach to transform a legacy approach to logistics and freight delivery.

  • Lowered freight costs through real-time visibility of market prices
  • Met dynamic logistics needs with real-time rate pricing and capacity guarantees             
  • Real-time Insights with transparency into market conditions data and better estimates into freight cost savings

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