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Designed specifically for in-memory computing, SAP S/4HANA connects your enterprise with people, business networks, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and more. Take control and run a live business with SAP S/4HANA and experience the power of a digital core.

The Next Generation ERP Suite

Run live on the next generation business suite, built with decades of experience to meet your specific business needs and propel you forward in today’s digital world. From Finance to Supply Chain and everything in between, SAP S/4HANA enables your business to capture every opportunity and leverage digital transformation for increased business value.

Core Finance

Achieve operational excellence and innovation–company-wide

Provide world-class support for local market requirements, languages, and currencies with solutions from SAP. Our scalable and open architecture optimized for in-memory databases can help you simplify and accelerate your financial operations - enabling you to improve performance and focus on growth and innovation.

Plan to Product

Improve product design and assembly with more efficient and transparent processes

Achieve excellence and efficiency in product-related efforts using accelerated plan-to-product solutions from SAP. Our software can help you easily integrate and manage product development - from conception through retirement - and all the steps in between that support design, development, testing, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and maintenance.

Order to Cash

Streamline quotes, contracts, prices, commissions, and deliveries

Improve customer insights, sales order commitment, and fulfillment using role-based access to smart dashboards that provide a single, real-time view of all required information. With SAP software for optimized order to cash, you can enhance and sustain sales by responding to queries with accurate, timely information and delivering exceptional customer service.

Procure to Pay

Gain a competitive edge by making real-time buying decisions.

Manage purchases with greater efficiency and productivity by using a centralized system with role-based smart business dashboards. SAP software that supports streamlined procure-to-pay processes can give you the visibility and insights you need to realize your full purchasing power, enforce strategic vendor choices, and optimize buying patterns. 


Deliver real-time service excellence and provide highly profitable services. Evolve into a service organization and utilize SAP S/4HANA to gain a strong focus on customer information, contractual entitlements, and high performance service business processes such as advanced billing and settlement of efforts on work performed.

Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA deployment

Utilize our industry-leading SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to shorten your time-to-value and deploy a digital core. Enjoy the full power of SAP HANA in a private, managed cloud environment that is supported by the most knowledgeable resources in the industry – from infrastructure to applications. 

SAP S/4HANA 1610

Release Information

Unlock productivity and accelerate onboarding
Focused on a business user’s needs, the award-winning SAP Fiori 2.0 extends the personalized paradigm of the SAP Fiori user experience, enabling easier onboarding and greater productivity. The SAP Fiori launchpad is evolving into a “viewport,” a personalized landing page with ready access to individual notifications and profile information. 
From a single point of entry, each user can see his or her task list, key performance indicators, and access apps through tiles, links, or search. The SAP S/4HANA 1610 release has a single visual design across all applications making it easier for your workforce to transition between daily activities.   
Accelerate digital transformation
The SAP S/4HANA 1610 release includes new functional, usability, and integration enhancements which expand on existing innovations and allow customers to accelerate their digital transformation journeys with IT landscapes that are more simple and flexible.
Supply chains can perform better with increased agility—resulting in lower lead times, better customer service and higher profitability. Key innovations include SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and Production Planning and Detailed Schedule (PPDS) in the core, eliminating potentially complex integrations.
The 1610 release also includes the full scope of SAP S/4HANA Finance. Companies can now take complete advantage of new capabilities such as transfer pricing, parallel valuation, soft close, and prediction.
Additional innovations across lines of business include Integrated Quality Management, Embedded Software in Product Development, and Optimized Portfolio and Project Management among many others.
Leverage key industry functionality in the core
The new SAP S/4HANA 1610 release allows organizations to meet specific industry needs in the digital economy. For example, not only has Retail Merchandise Management been completely re-architected to take advantage of SAP HANA, it is now also available for customers in other industries who have retail operations.
Oil and Gas customers can take advantage of upstream and downstream functions that have been optimized for the SAP HANA platform as well as a real-time insight and the flexibility to better meet customer needs.
The SAP S/4HANA 1610 release in Q4 2016 delivers further innovations that help you run live in today’s digital economy. 

Experience key innovations:

Integration for SAP S/4HANA, deployed on premise with SAP Solutions
As companies digitize the enterprise, leveraging the best solutions from cloud with your SAP solutions helps establish your platform for innovation and business process automation. With sophisticated
integration options and built-in integration from SAP, you can connect SAP S/4HANA with other SAP solutions.
Learn how to integrate SAP S/4HANA with other SAP solutions, listed below, or learn more in the SAP S/4HANA integration and SAP Cloud Solution Brief.


Get the support you need to keep SAP S/4HANA Cloud running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximize the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more.
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