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SAP Cloud for Real Estate

SAP Cloud for Real Estate

Rethink corporate real estate management

Get the insights you need to expertly manage your enterprise real estate operations. State-of-the-art user experience gives you a clear view of space utilization, facility costs, global portfolio compositions, financial performance, and more – all in real time. Modernize, simplify, accelerate.

Why SAP Cloud for Real Estate?

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is the only strategic IWMS solution that
fully integrates with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA for real-time insights into building operations. Simplify location and contract management with our entirely new and user-friendly solution to optimize your corporate building portfolio:

  • Extend the value of your current investment with seamless integration to SAP applications for real-time financial results
  • Instantly access data—from anywhere—via an easy-to-manage cloud environment and a user-friendly interface
  • Connect intelligent partner solutions through an open platform to efficiently track building and space data and increase collaboration with service providers and vendors
  • Comply with IFRS and US-GAAP leasing standards

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What's included in your subscription?

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is delivered via a subscription model and includes the following:

  • System operations support
  • Software upgrades
  • Standard application support
  • Robust data security
  • System monitoring
  • Test and productive tenant
Continuous software delivery

To ensure you always get the latest, greatest features, we provide weekly updates. Major release updates are planned quarterly. 

Data security

At SAP, data security and system reliability are top priorities:   

  • The SAP Cloud meets all key certification and audit requirements for data center and data security
  • SAP commits to a 99.5% system availability SLA for SAP Cloud for Real Estate

Licensing and purchasing options for SAP Cloud for Real Estate

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is deployed in the cloud, and is licensed for a monthly subscription fee.

  • For contract management the monthly subscription fee is based on the number of named users.
  • For location management the monthly subscription fee is based on the number of units.

Visit the SAP Store for a free trial or to buy now


Contact your local SAP account executive for additional licensing and purchasing options

For general licensing information, consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers 

Product Options

SAP Cloud for Real Estate currently offers options for Location Management and Contract Management, which can be licensed and used together or separately.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate, location management option

Facility and Space Management

Location Management can help you optimize your real estate portfolio—manage space more effectively, quickly evaluate the financial performance of buildings, and understand the physical characteristics of each location:

  • Obtain a high-level view of buildings in the portfolio along with capacity and cost performance indicators
  • Validate key measures for overall portfolio performance in one concise view
  • Access the most important contract details for each leased building
  • Leverage integration capabilities to gain real-time financial insights 

SAP Cloud for Real Estate, contract management option

Contract and Lease Administration
Contract Management can help you actively manage lease agreements to make better decisions – maintain critical dates, perform valuations based on new lease accounting standards and analyze leasing costs:
  • Gain quick access to contract and attachments
  • Comply with new leasing standards IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Evaluate lease performance
  • Perform contract simulations for renewals and break options
  • Access cost data associated with each contract
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