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Proven paths to transformation with SAP Leonardo

There are three ways to become an Intelligent Enterprise. No matter your IT landscape or chosen path, SAP Leonardo intelligent technologies can help you make better decisions across your business – today and tomorrow.
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1. Optimize existing processes with embedded intelligence

Take advantage of intelligent technologies embedded in the latest releases of SAP flagship applications. With machine learning, the IoT, blockchain, and analytics as part of your digital core, you can sprint ahead in the marketplace.

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2. Extend existing processes with industry innovation kits

Take advantage of simplified pricing, packaging, and services that address critical industry-specific issues. With our kits, you can cut implementation time and realize value faster for your business and your customers.


3. Transform with our open innovation service

Have a unique business need? Our proven approach to innovation and intelligent technologies – in an open environment, powered by SAP Cloud Platform – can help you take your business to a new level of efficiency and customer experience. 

Choose the path that's right for you

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Optimize, extend, or transform?

Regardless of the path you choose, we can help you develop an end-to-end solution that delivers the outcomes you need to succeed. Put our intelligent technologies and deep industry knowledge to work for your business and customers.

Spark bold ideas with design thinking

A customer-centric approach is at the core of our innovation kits and open innovation service. With design thinking, you can quickly identify and solve the right problems.
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1. Explore

Join SAP experts for a complimentary one-day workshop. Together, we’ll investigate your business challenges, identify opportunities for innovation, and determine how SAP Leonardo can help define a path forward.

2. Discover

SAP experts will interview stakeholders and shadow end users to gain an in-depth understanding of your business challenges. This process uncovers valuable insights that will inform the design of your solution.

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3. Design and Prototype

We’ll use a cloud-based rapid prototyping tool and the latest technologies to draft a working solution. Together we’ll collect user feedback to continuously refine the prototype until we’ve achieved your ideal outcome.

4. Deliver

The result will be a working, validated prototype running on SAP Cloud Platform, as well as an IT transformation strategy and deployment road map. Or if you prefer, we can take care of implementation.

See how SKF benefited from design thinking

SAP is a leader in design-led innovation

We have joined the ranks of Apple, Procter & Gamble, and other companies who are award-winning design thinkers.

Since 2004, SAP has leveraged a customer-centric, design thinking approach to solution development, co-innovating with our customers to identify and solve pressing business challenges. We’ve received numerous awards for this approach and continue to work with customers to reinvent their businesses. Not the SAP you know? It’s time to get reacquainted.

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