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SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning

Give the right users the right access – with our cloud-based identity provisioning software

Centralize and automate identity provisioning – and reach a higher level of security – with SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning. This software service provides robust identity management capabilities, including account creation, user authorization, de-provisioning, and more. It can help you optimize access management processes and meet corporate compliance standards with ease. 

Why SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning? 

Because it lets you create a streamlined identity management system in an intuitive, easy-to-maintain cloud environment. The identity provisioning software can help you beef up IT security and lower compliance costs. And it can be easily integrated with our other related services to extend functionality. With SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning, you can:
  • Smoothly extend your corporate business processes to the cloud
  • Automate the setup of user accounts and policy-based entitlements
  • Re-use existing corporate user identity stores for quick, easy heterogeneous landscape support
  • Dynamically update account and user authorizations based on business needs
  • Minimize costly delays with lightning-fast new user onboarding

Deploy quickly and easily, with a low TCO – and achieve fast time-to-value

Learn how SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff.

Functional Capabilities

User Account Provisioning and Identity Management

Automate the identity management lifecycle and integrate existing corporate identity stores to enable the instant roll-out of updates for user privileges and accounts across cloud and heterogeneous landscapes.      

Automatic Identity and User Authorizations

Automatically manage and grant policy-based user authorizations for company employees, business partners, and customers. And dynamically revoke user account privileges that are no longer required.

Lay the foundation for landscape-wide single sign-on

Enable customers to simplify and secure the access to cloud applications through single sign-on based on SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication. Use Identity Provisioning to synchronize the required identity accounts among landscape applications. Leverage the out-of-the-box integration with Identity Authentication service to experience single sign-on from anywhere, on any device.

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