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Create delightful digital experiences for all audiences

Streamline user experience design, development and collaboration for customers, partners and employees across all digital touchpoints – regardless of line-of-business, channel or industry.

Delivering modern digital experiences

Adapt to changing digital landscapes with an integrated platform that streamlines design, development, collaboration, and engagement in the cloud.

SAP Cloud Platform Portal

Build digital experience portals for your employees, customers, and partners to streamline access to business data and enable secure completion of daily business tasks from any device. 


Central point of access

Provide intuitive, multichannel access to your business applications – anywhere and from any device.

Personalized user experience

Build multi-language business sites by taking advantage of SAP Fiori launchpad or a freestyle portal design.

Seamless integration

Securely integrate unstructured content and business apps - into both cloud and on-premise.

Role-based access

Provide the right content to the right users with integrated single sign-on capabilities.

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

Quickly develop, configure and run enterprise grade mobile apps that provide access to enterprise data with services such as app lifecycle management, synchronization, push notifications, security, monitoring, and usage reporting. 


Native iOS and Android apps

Deliver effective enterprise mobile apps with a consumer grade UI and seamless integration with SAP solutions.

Low-code app development tools

Deliver rich, native mobile apps that can be modified without writing code.

Instant creation of micro-apps

Publish any data into a wallet or passbook-style application with a mobile card kit for iOS and Android apps.

Make apps enterprise-grade

Bring enterprise mobile features such as access to on-premise or cloud-based data sources, offline, security, supportability to all your apps.


Give employees access to content, data, expertise, and processes with the integration of a flexible, customizable platform with the IT landscape – from identity management to line-of-business applications and content management systems.


Discovery of work patterns

Enable developers to build more collaborative mobile apps quickly and easily, with in-context information.

Business process collaboration

Socialize business processes or tasks with work patterns for learning and training, sales operations, and team cooperation.

Synergistic business apps

Support in-context collaboration by unifying business application software such as as SAP S/4HANA Professional Services, SAP C/4HANA Sales, Service and Marketing and SAP ERP.

Integrated content management

Simplify how your employees find and view content from external repositories and use it to work together effectively. 

SAP Conversational AI

Automate customer service and improve business productivity by developing chatbots that use a combination of entity recognition, text classification, sentiment analysis, and content management to anticipate and respond to user needs.


Augmented natural language processing

Preconfigure your chatbot technology with a set of leading-edge language capabilities and an end-to-end development platform.

End-to-end bot-building platform

Draw on a comprehensive suite of proven chatbot tools to accelerate the development process – from bot building to training.


Build enterprise-grade web apps with modern, rich and consistent user interfaces.


Enterprise-ready HTML5 framework

Get all the features you need to build cross-platform, responsive, and enterprise-grade applications.

Consistent user experience

Build your applications with a consistent design language and predefined user experience patterns across all features.

Powerful UI flexibility

Configure an app for multiple use cases with adaptations by developers and key users, as well as personalization for your end-users.

Efficient development experience

Leverage SAPUI5's open and innovative tool set for developers.

SAP Fiori Cloud

Develop, extend, and run the SAP Fiori user experience in the cloud – while maintaining data from your on-premise business systems – with the help of prepackaged content and services.


Open compatibility

Tap a modern, personalized, and simple user experience on any device.

Delivery of custom innovations

Extend or build applications that address your unique business needs by taking advantage of design and development tools.

Single point of access

Empower your users with SAP Fiori apps and classic UIs that are role-based and personalized.

Automated and regular updates

Adopt the latest development capabilities for your deployment environment, as well as runtime and design-time tools.

SAP Build

Develop and share user-friendly, interactive prototypes that are based on end-user feedback and do not require the creation of additional code.


Quick-start design template

Benefit from a gallery of SAP Fiori elements that you can import and remix to create high-fidelity prototypes.

Incremental application development

Apply best practices for design thinking to design your application by implementing practical learning content immediately.

Innovation prototyping

Use pictures or sketches to create clickable models, or apply drag-and-drop components from SAPUI5 to refine prototypes.

User research

Collect verbal and non-verbal feedback and aggregate that data into a useful and practical format.

SAP Cloud Platform Document Service

Manage your documents by following industry-standard OASIS content management interoperability services and benefitting from versioning, hierarchies, access control, and document management capabilities.


Comprehensive content management

Structure your content to suit your business needs with versioning, access control lists, hierarchies, and metadata.

Content security

Safeguard data during transport and at rest with industry standard AES encryption and virus scanning.

Scalable protection

Help ensure the managed service consistently backs up your data and provides sufficient capacity to handle data growth.

SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe

Generate print and interactive forms, call them from a backend system enabled by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, and store their templates for future reference.


On-demand rendering and printing

Create, process, and print interactive PDF forms, both online and offline.

Cohesive integration

Integrate forms with SAP NetWeaver to enable business applications to establish and manage individual form processing.

Self-contained templates

Build and manage your business documents with the assistance of PDF form templates without installing Java locally.

IT optimization and simplification

Streamline your IT landscape by replacing an existing local Java installation, which reduces the cost of hardware resources.

SAP Cloud Platform Gamification

Apply rules management, complex nested missions, and collaborative games when deploying and measuring gamification concepts.


Holistic management and analysis

Manage new concepts – such as points, badges, and missions – with an adaptive runtime environment and real-time analytics.

Open integration

Apply open source code and single sign-on capabilities to connect gamification mechanisms with new or existing applications.

SAP Document Center

Manage and activate content from any repository by adding, extending, and supporting document management capabilities.


Existing connected business systems

Connect your repository – from SAP Business Suite software to third-party solutions – to document management capabilities.

Outcome-focused mobile apps

Give your employees anytime, anywhere access to relevant business content available on native mobile apps.

Secure sharing

Exchange files in compliance with business policies and external regulations for data privacy and data protection.

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, Cloud Edition

Collaborate across your entire enterprise architecture to identify transformation plans and drive successful outcomes. With a single integrated environment, you can design, analyze, and share strategies, processes, data, and IT landscapes.


Digital blueprints

Deliver successful outcomes by moving from defining business and data requirements to executing process and data structures.

Regulatory compliance

Track and trace processes and data lineage through all systems, applications, and services across your enterprise.

Collaborative engagement

Encourage owners, analysts, architects, and developers to join forces with access to consistent views and one source of truth.

Aligned requirements and designs

Create requirement hierarchies manually or through an industry standard import and link them to design artifacts.

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