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Pricing and Packaging

SAP Analytics Hub is available for purchase through a subscription license based on the number of users.

SAP Analytics Hub

Provide one place to search and access insights across your enterprise – whether the data is on premise, in the cloud, or within a non-SAP analytics tool.

  • Get a data source that’s simple and reliable
  • Access the hub from any Web-connected device
  • Keep costs down with an annual subscription model
  • Onboard at least 100 users on day one



*Requires purchase of SAP Analytics Cloud

Solve your data needs

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Learn how users can identify the right analytic assets they need on their own and manage the lifecycle for content curation and validation, leading to a data-driven culture in for your organization.

Get the answers to a selection of frequently asked questions about SAP Analytics Hub. Discover how the SAP Analytics Hub is a new software as a service (SaaS) offering that aims to address the challenge of limited analytics adoption.

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