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Create an SAP Cloud Platform destination pointing to an SAP Gateway


Create an SAP Cloud Platform destination pointing to an SAP Gateway

By Jim Jaquet

Create a new destination pointing to the SAP Gateway Demo System

You will learn

You will create a destination (a server end-point where SAP Cloud Platform can send or receive data) that points to an SAP Gateway OData service.


Step 1: Log into your SAP Cloud Platform account

Log into SAP Cloud Platform by opening the following URL in a new tab:

Make sure you are using the Europe (Trial) landscape, and click on your account name as highlighted on the screenshot to open the cockpit view.

Click on user name
Step 2: Go to Destinations

In the left-hand navigation bar, select Connectivity > Destinations then click on New Destination.

open destinations
Step 3: Enter Destination details

Enter the field values as listed below:

Field Name Value
Name SAP_Gateway
Description SAP Gateway ES4
Proxy Type Internet
Authentication BasicAuthentication
User <Your ES4 Gateway user> (e.g. p123456789)
Password <Your ES4 Gateway password>

Leave the Use default JDK truststore checked.

And add the following Additional Properties fields by clicking on the New Property button once for each property.

Field Name Value
WebIDEEnabled true
WebIDESystem gateway
WebIDEUsage odata_abap

Then click Save.

creating destination
Step 4: Test the new Destinations

After the destination is saved, you can click the Check Connection button to test that SAP Gateway is reachable.

Note that the Check Connection operation is not validating your user credentials but only the end-point availability.

Check connection

Next Steps

Updated 09/13/2017

Time to Complete

5 Min.



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